Planned Gift Primer

Bequests – Your estate plan gift to Hamilton may take a number of forms, including a specific dollar amount or a portion of your estate after your obligations to others are fulfilled. You may leave all or part of your estate in trust with the income going to one or more beneficiaries and the trust remainder to Hamilton. Upon request, sample language will be provided.

Charitable Gift Annuity – In return for your gift of cash or marketable securities to a charitable gift annuity, Hamilton agrees to make quarterly payments to you or to you and another annuitant. With an immediate charitable gift annuity, the payments are based on the age or ages of the annuitants. In the case of a deferred payment charitable gift annuity, the payments are based on the age or ages of the annuitants and the deferral period. The minimum gift amount for an immediate annuity is $5,000, and a deferred annuity is $2,000.

Charitable Lead Trust – You can establish a charitable lead trust, funding it with cash or other assets, to provide payments to Hamilton for a given number of years. When the trust terminates, the principal and any appreciation is transferred to heirs. Significant gift, estate and generation skipping transfer tax savings can be achieved. A testamentary charitable lead trust is particularly attractive in these times of changing gift and estate tax law.

To calculate the benefits of a charitable gift annuity, deferred payment charitable gift annuity or a charitable lead trust go to the Gift Calculator.

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