2012–13 GOLD Scholar

Ianna Recco ’16

During her first visit to Hamilton, Ianna Recco ’16 experienced a sense of excitement and comfort that she hadn’t felt on any other campus. “I visited a class, went on a tour, had an Opus cookie … and realized that one day of this was not nearly enough.” But this wasn’t the only factor that led Ianna, a native of Hoosick, N.Y., to choose Hamilton. “I immediately noticed, and continue to notice, that everyone you pass smiles at you.” Her first year on College Hill has led her to realize that she is part of a community “where people support one another and want their peers to succeed.”

An aspiring double major in art history and classical studies, Ianna hopes to someday do curatorial work in a museum and possibly pursue graduate studies in art history. The writing-intensive courses she has taken have allowed her to polish her communication skills and have positioned her for success on the Hill and beyond. She strived to make the most of her first year by challenging herself academically. When she is not studying Latin or Greek, Ianna serves as a peer advocate, a role that is affiliated with the Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board, and a member of the Hamilton College Democrats. She also volunteers at a museum close to her hometown and enjoys contributing to the culture of the area where she grew up.

The ultimate deciding factor in Ianna’s choice of college was financial aid. When she received a generous package from Hamilton, her top-choice school, the dream became a reality. “Every day I attend enriching classes, inspiring professors teach me, I use beautiful facilities, and I meet incredibly interesting people.” She believes that the quality education she is receiving is preparing her for successful life after graduation, making her “forever grateful to Hamilton’s donors who have made this a reality.”

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2012–13 GOLD Scholars