2013–14 GOLD Scholars

Grace Williams-DuHamel ’15

Hamilton’s small community feeling drew Grace to College Hill, and continues to shape her Hamilton experience: “Not a day goes by where I have not witnessed a random act of kindness that reminds me of how amazing and special this place really is.”

A chemical physics major and math minor from Manchester, Massachusetts, Grace has developed strong relationships with her professors, noting that each of them have “always been willing to go above and beyond to help students.” She experienced that dedication first-hand from Professor of Physics Gordon Jones. As she struggled with the effects of a severe head injury during her freshman year, she recalls that he “always went out of his way to help me with homework or exams… [often staying late] just to make sure I understood the problem set due the next day.” Grace sees him as “a pillar of support” -- someone she will always remember and for whom she is grateful.

Interactions like these, with professors and fellow students, have helped Grace cultivate her innate desire to help others. “Sometimes it matters more who you help and what you are doing outside of your own selfish goals, and less about getting ahead of others.” Many of her activities center around the importance of collaboration: serving as a physics tutor, volunteering for the local Humane Society, joining the Gamma Xi sorority and playing intramural football.

Her pay-it-forward attitude guides her as she considers her future. Immediately after graduation, she plans to apply to Teach for America or AmeriCorps because she feels strongly about giving back to a community that has given so much to her. She hopes to follow that with graduate school where she will focus on studying chemical physics.

For Grace, the underpinning of generosity that “touches every cobble stone and every concrete building on campus” begins with Hamilton donors. “As donors, you are giving each and every student here a chance to succeed and continue on in life to impact the world in the next generation.” To those individuals, Grace has a message: “Thank you a million times over for all you do and have done for the students here.”

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2013–14 GOLD Scholars