In January’s Hamilton Headlines, we asked: What was the best thing you received at the campus Mail Center?

question markWe received 85 responses, many of which are found below, and randomly selected five to receive a prize for participating. Congratulations to Max Hernandez ’19, Amy Glanzer ’21, Jennie Lee Aitkenhead O’Donnell ’89, Lois Bryan ’04, and Alison Brown ’11.

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What was the best thing you received at the campus Mail Center?

Six cases of Girl Scout Cookies that my dad sent. People thought I was selling them! I’d bring a box to the library every night for a study break with friends. The cookies got us through finals.
—    Marjory Abrams ’85

A tiny white box, which held a tiny, silver butterfly necklace with a tiny note "to my Little Wing" (quoting Jimi Hendrix!) from my dear Hamilton sweetheart.
—    Nancy Angiello ’82

A happy birthday card from my Nana.
—    Liz Arnold ’22

Lots of paper flyers advertising events, which subsequently littered the floor about an inch deep every day.
—    Mark Berger ’92

Tickets to see Phish in Vegas on Halloween 1998
—    Jonathan Berry ’01

Edible Arrangements from my mom!
—    Alex Blomfield ’20

The best thing I received from the Mail Center are the relationships I built with the staff while I was a student worker! Shoutout to Rich, Tammy, and Jan (now retired) for being so fun to work with and for being willing to help students whenever they need it!
—    Alison Brown ’11

A vintage lottery machine for a play we were doing in Minor Theater!
—    Lois Bryan ’04

Amazing job offer for a top-tier consulting firm in New York City.
—    Michael Butler ’93

Surprise flowers!
—    Yuri Choi ’21

Letters from home and monthly magazine subscription (this is before internet and email).
—    Brian Cohen ’96

To this day I do not know who it is from, however I received a note from a secret admirer while a student in the late ’70s-early ’80s! I still think about the note and who it was from all those years ago!
—    Elly Cyr ’81

Love letters.
—    Lynne Degitz ’89

The letter sharing that I was selected to be a Hamilton College tour guide!
—    Julie DiRoma ’10

Postcards from friends abroad.
—    Jessie Dromsky-Reed ’18

My mother was very nervous when I told her I had joined an intramural ice hockey team, so she sent me a full set of hockey equipment. (I think she missed the memo on what an intramural team involved!) The box was so enormous, I followed it back to my room on the Gator!
—    Ashley Freiman ’06

Acceptance to be an AA leader.
—    Peggy Garte ’01

For Valentine’s Day, my parents sent me Levain cookies from a bakery in NYC. They were so yummy and giant cookies so I shared them with all my suitemates on our snack table. It was the perfect treat to brighten our day in the middle of the semester!
—    Amy Glanzer ’21

A box filled with a pumpkin and leaves.
—    Susan Greenspan ’99

I’ve forgotten a lot of packages but I’ll never forget this. I received freshly baked batch of cookies from my high school athletic trainer freshman year. It was so thoughtful and comforting!
—    Caroline Harrington ’16

The friendly smiles from Tammy, Hanna and Rick and the amazing crew every time I stop by!
—    Chris Harrison, building manager and preparator, Wellin Museum

President Wippman’s letter congratulating me on my Bristol Fellowship.
—    Max Hernandez ’19

I think receiving a package from J. Crew was considered exciting in the early ’90s (made by a phone order). Usually this involved a roll neck sweater. My best Mail Center moment was during my senior year. I stepped on a small piece of paper on the ground near my mailbox. I picked it up and noticed it was a small flyer for a job opening at J. Walter Thompson in NYC, offered by a Hamilton alumna in the late ’80s. I decided to mail my résumé and cover letter, received a job offer after graduation, and started a career in advertising. Life before the internet … As a government major, I still wonder if that paper was for someone else.
—    Victoria Kidd ’94

My mom surprising me by sending my favorite flowers when I needed cheering up while on campus - I loved them and still have photos!
—    Katherine Krause ’14

An invitation to Class & Charter Day, telling me I'd received an award. It was unexpected and I was really moved. (Almost more moved by the letter than the actual award!)
—    Andrew Lane ’97

Lunar New Year snacks!
—    Jason Le ’23

A pot, a plant, and a bag of dirt to plant it in, from my mother.
—    Martha Lemmond ’87

A letter from my friend from a summer camp I did in high school. (We’ve been writing for at least 2 years now!)
—    Maia Macek ’25

Posters for my room.
—    Lucy Makin ’24

Invitations to rush events and parties!
—    Laura Mark ’10

The kindness of the Mail Center employees! Definitely the friendliest place on campus!
—    Maggie McDow ’23

A tiny, red, wooden horse from Sweden and a care package of snacks.
—    Emily McGovern ’24

Acceptance letter for a White House internship.
—    Lynne Salkin Morris ’00

The best thing has been the care packages with homemade baked goods that my mom sent me my freshman year!
—    Michaela Murdock ’22

A box of Levain cookies from my best friend, who passed away two years ago. It was to congratulate me on graduating from Hamilton. I'll always remember my mailbox and how it reconnected me with the rest of the world.
—    Jimmy Nguyen ’14

The best thing I ever received at the Mail Center was a giant poster-sized handmade card from Mary Texido ’86, who was an amazing R.A. [in] North when I was a brand-new Hamilton freshman in late September 1985. I had been on campus for over a month and although diligently checking my mail box daily I had turned up with nothing. Remember this was before the internet or even cheap long-distance calling, so contact with the outside world wasn't too common. Feeling low I ran into Mary on the way back from Commons and after fruitlessly yet again checking my mailbox. Mary caught me at that weak moment when I was close to tears complaining about my lack of mail from my family. She must have returned to her dorm room that evening and created her impromptu cheer-up letter with a huge smiling face saying “How’s this for mail?” because when I checked my mailbox the next day it was in there to make my day. Mary was an extraordinary R.A., and all of our hallmates in North were lucky to have had her to boost our spirits as needed or just to be our cheerleader. I don't know where that letter is now, but I kept it for a long time. I used the mail center a lot and even later worked there for a couple of years with a great team and wonderful staff managers. I have thought about Mary’ kindness often especially because two of our daughters have had their own Hamilton freshman falls. Wherever you are, Mary Texido, please know that you are appreciated and your kindness and thoughtfulness was greatly valued!
—    Jennie Lee Aitkenhead O’Donnell ’89

“D-mail” — like email (then very new), but hand-written postcards from my dad.
—    Bonnie Carr O’Neill ’95

Mom’s care packages of course! I’m supposed to say the ones with her homemade cookies, but actually, one time she sent me the Doubletree hotel famous cookies .... and ... yeah, those win!
—    Julie Parent ’03

My mom sent me her best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and I brought them straight to the KJ atrium on a snowy day and they were devoured!
—    Grace Passannante ’20

My water bottle and packages from my mom.
—    Jorge Perez-Vazquez ’24

—    Glenn Reisman ’72

A trash can.
—    Maggie Reville ’22

One day I trudged to the Mail Center to pick up some books for class, only to find an amazing birthday present from my mom! She sent me a box of gingerbread penguins! They were delicious and lifted my spirits heading into finals.
—    Margaret Riordan ’19

My first after-Hamilton job offer letter — to Colgate University(!) where I became a lab manager in the department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and took a few computer science courses that helped set me on my career path.
—    Laur Rivera ’16

A comforting hug from my grandmother every month of my sophomore year. She sent me a Pepperidge Farm soup of the month club subscription. Every box contained two flavors (2 cans each) and several small packages of crackers.
—    Lisa Rogers ’85

My mom’s banana bread!
—    Sandy Schirmer ’80

Simply my Adirondack Adventure leader second round interview Invitation which came with some candy and set me up for 3 incredibly fun years of community with the orientation leader squad.
—    Ruthie Schmidt ’20

Notification from Hamilton that I was #4 in the housing lottery for my senior year!
—    Sarah Skolfield ’94

My nuts.com snack subscription.
—    Olivia Skriloff ’22

Newspaper clippings from my grandmother.
—    Leighton Smith ’09

My mom’s homemade cookie and cupcake care packages throughout four years at Hamilton and the law school acceptance letters that arrived spring of senior year that determined my post-Hamilton plans.
—    Alexandra Stevens ’95

The best thing I received at the Mail Center was a husband. We both had our campus job working at the Mail Center and that’s where we met. Married with four kids, we still tell our kids stories about the Hamilton College Mail Center bringing us together.
—    Monifa Tarjamo ’94

A care package from my grandmother, who lived nearby in Frankfort, N.Y. She baked cookies, pies, and cakes for a living, and she made the best cookies. My favorites were pineapple filled. They were like little cakes with a pineapple filling. Her molasses cookies were fantastic as well. Very filling on a cold College Hill weekend. My roommates looked forward to those cookies as well.
—    Dennis Walsh ’76

Homemade cookies from my grandmothers.
—    Ed Watkins ’74

A Golden Anniversary Beer sent by my friend who went to Bates. I also worked in the Mail Center — I might have borrowed a few people’s Sports Illustrated magazine over the years … sorry for the delay!
—    Stan Williams ’93

Giant tin of popcorn.
—    Lisa Yang ’17

My father sent a letter to me addressed as follows to see if it would get to me. It did.
—    Jonathan Yarmis ’77


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