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In June’s Hamilton Headlines, we received nearly four dozen responses asking alumni to tell us the first place they would visit when returning to College Hill.

In addition, almost all those who answered included comments, several of which are found below. We randomly selected five to receive a prize for participating. Congratulations to Jody Amsel ’90, Constance Halporn K’78, Margarita Quevedo ’87, Lila Reid ’20, and Abby Rosovsky ’20.

question markWhether you visited last week or haven’t been back since graduation, what is the first place you would visit upon returning “home” to Hamilton?

Like this response indicates, the No. 1 place alumni said they would first visit is the Root Glen:
It would have to be the Glen. I didn’t fully appreciate it while I was in school — I always had sports or class or was ... celebrating the fruits of life in the Bundy dining hall (#iykyk). Now, I live in the mountains in Colorado, with the National Forest outside my back door, and I can’t imagine not living among nature. So, I want to re-explore that special place, connect my new life with my past, and experience it all over again.
— Adrienne Saia Isaac ’05

Another popular spot — the rock swing in McEwen!
The first place I visited last time I returned to campus was the rock swing under McEwan. That was always my favorite place to sing after a Hamiltone’s rehearsal. Folks would peek over the railing while we sang and I always felt like a star!
— Sky Aulita ’15

Coming in third was the Co-op — just ask Julia Smith ’18, Emma Nelson ’19, and Susan Cox ’89.

Here are a few other responses:

I would love to visit the library, where I worked at the circulation desk and spent countless hours doing research and sleeping when I should have been reading. Those lounge chairs ....
— Jody Amsel ’90

South dormitory or old Sigma Phi House
— Larry Boes ’88

The ginkgo tree in front of the Elihu Root House
— Julie DiRoma ’10

Babbitt Hall
— Amanda Ghiloni ’22

The corner of North closest to the library. In that space I met lifetime friends and my wife.
— Jason Gould ’96

Kirkland campus
— Constance Halporn K’78

Milbank suite
— Karen Hoffnagle K’75

The student farm!
— Lauren Howe ’13

Little Pub
— Katie Joyce ’13

Last September, I met up with some fellow alumni outside of Sadove for our first visit back since our graduation in 2019. It felt like such a natural thing to be meeting my friends at a sunny table there, just like I’d met up with friends so many times during my time on the Hill. While Sadove was our defacto meeting spot, the first place we wanted to go visit was the Chapel. While it was neat to walk the familiar shady paths around it and see all the evidence of the restoration work going on, I very much look forward to the next time I can visit and find peace in that special building again.
— Hannah Lasher ’19

Minor Dorm
— Ariane McCoy Oliver ’90

The peony collection in the Grant Garden! In school, the spring semester always ended right around or before the peonies started to bloom, so coming back to Hamilton in the summer when all of the peonies were in their full glory was exciting.
— Lila Reid ’20

South Dorm every time I return, which was the last building I left in 1988. My favorite place to live of all four years and where I met my wife, Deidre ’90!
— Parker Riehle ’88

Science Center to visit the psych and neuro faculty
— Laur Rivera ’16

— Abby Rosovsky ’20

Hamilton Quad
— Jeffrey Shapiro ’87

As a member of the Alumni Council for many years, the first place I visit when back on the Hill each fall and spring is the building in which my committee is meeting, so it has varied over the years. But as the parent of an incoming student, the first place I’ll be visiting from now on will be my son’s dorm!
— Alexandra Stevens ’95


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