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Find the KirklandMarks!

In honor of All-Kirkland Reunion, 19 "historic" markers have been placed about campus. Locations indicated on the KirklandMarks map are approximate, and are intended to encourage the quester to explore, to enjoy, to reminisce, and to learn. At least two landmarks are below ground-level, and three are on the Hamilton side of College Hill Road (not indicated on map). So, put that pioneer spirit to work and see if you can discover them all!

A list of hints to help you in your pursuit:
  1. "Dramatic collaboration"
  2. "Rhythm and moves"
  3. "Early admissions"
  4. "Muddy welcome"
  5. "Permanent marker"
  6. "Swinging scene"
  7. "Coffee and song"
  8. "Director's cut"
  9. "Scarlet forum"
  10. "Light reading"
  11. "Bridging the gap"
  12. "Architectural wonder"
  13. "Studio supplies"
  14. "Surround sound-and-image"
  15. "Fire and rain"
  16. "Food and friendship"
  17. "Fruitful site"
  18. "Breakfast on wheels"
  19. "Field of dreams"

We hope this tour recalls fond memories and sparks your imagination. We plan to add to the list of KirklandMarks in order to keep Kirkland College's legacy alive and strong. 

Have fun and good luck!

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