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November 30, 2001

We do not need to remind you that these are unusual times. Our great country is at war, the economy is in recession, interest rates are at a 40-year low and the stock market is well below its March 2000 record high as well as down for the calendar year.

At difficult times like these, Hamilton has been the source of comfort, strength and hope for so many members of this community on campus and beyond. It was heartwarming to see the spirit of friendship among the Trustees at the September meeting as well as among the members of this community at the prayer and remembrance service in the chapel on September 14, 2001.

Hamilton also may be a financial beacon of strength for potential planned gift donors. Among several options, the charitable gift annuity is especially attractive at this time because:

  • Annuity payments are greater than bond rates and certificates of deposits
  • Annuity payments are fixed and based upon the age(s) of the annuitant(s)
  • Annuity payments are taxed favorably
  • The donor is entitled to an income tax charitable contribution deduction
  • The donor saves capital gains tax if appreciated securities are contributed, while locking in the value of the securities on the date of gift.

Further, a gift annuity is the simplest of all split-interest planned gifts featuring two-page agreements approved by the New York State Insurance Department.

Late breaking news — within the last 30 days, legislation was passed in New York that relaxed the investment restrictions on the required gift annuity reserve. This will allow the Investment Committee to apply the same modern portfolio theory to Hamilton's gift annuity reserve that it applies to the endowment.

The attached example, for a husband and wife who wish to complete a significant contribution to Hamilton in honor of the husband's fiftieth reunion, highlights the advantages of a gift annuity for a hypothetical donor with whom you may have contact.


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