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March 2, 2012

In The Coming Tech-led Boom, WSJ, Jan 30, 2012, the authors, a physicist who writes for Forbes and the Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Northwestern write, "Three breakthroughs, big data, smart manufacturing and the wireless revolution are poised to transform this century as much as telephony, electricity, automobiles, stainless steel and radio amplification did the last."  The article begins by noting that in January 1912, the United States emerged from a two-year recession; today Americans are 700% wealthier.

While we are not without our challenges, the authors portray a scenario that potentially benefits all Americans and institutions such as Hamilton, its students, faculty, endowment and philanthropy.

  • An addition to the endowment at this time participates in what could be exceptional growth.
  • A contribution to a Charitable Remainder Unitrust provides increased payments to the donor and remainder value to Hamilton, most often for the endowment.
  • A Charitable Lead Annuity Trust (CLAT) funded with undervalued assets can catch the market on an upswing.  Plus, because of historic low interest rates, CLATs maximize the benefit to heirs

The advantages of establishing a term of years CLAT during one's lifetime include removing the asset and appreciation from the estate and delivering the trust assets to heirs on a specific date.  In one Hamilton case, the donor timed the delivery of lead trust assets to his children to educate his grandchildren.

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