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Memorial and Honorary Gifts


Holocaust bench & planting near Dunham Dorm. Pictured here is the Matt Houlihan '03 plaque near Major Dorm.

There are opportunities to remember classmates, class years, or just support the Arboretum with the donation of a tree or a bench.  For the benches, we use the Dumor 6' or 8' Douglas Fir bench with 3" x 4" clear heartwood planks with a clear preservative treatment. Bench locations are arranged with the donors dependent upon space availability. 



1984 Memorial tree for Michael T. Genco Jr, Class of 1984, located by Eells Residence Hall

A tree or groups of trees may be planted in support of the Arboretum. There is a tree-planting list with tree species, size, and location available for your selection. Trees on this list may be stand alone specimens or part of a larger planting. Special locations may be arranged depending upon the site and availability of a planting space. A guiding principle of the Hamilton Arboretum is to reconcile plantings and the buildings to work together to form a uniform presentation. 




Each tree planted will have an Arboretum tree plaque that notes the donor, who is memorialized, and tree description.  There is also the option for an additional granite stone laid flat.  Click on pictures to see examples.



Donation Structure
  • Gifts for trees start at $1,500, which includes the Arboretum tree plaque.
  • Gifts for benches start at $2,400, which include the brass plaque.
  • Memorial granite markers are available at an additional cost.
The Process

All gifts start with a conversation with Sharon Rippey, Interim Director, Alumni Relations, at the  Anderson-Connell Alumni Center, 315-859-4672 or srippey@hamilton.edu.  Sharon can assist you with your gift or memorial and put you in direct contact with the Physical Plant once the nature of your gift or memorial is defined. Tree species and bench locations can be discussed in detail at that juncture.

2012 Hamilton Arboretum Tree Planting Sites & Trees






Burr Oak 3.5" Backus House & College Hill Road


Scarlet Oak 3.5" Benedict Hall & College Hill Road


Accolade Elm 3.5" Main Quad Entrance on Left


Burr Oak 3.5" Main Quad & South Dorm (north)


Lecacy Sugar Maple 3.5" Chapel & Main Quad


English Oak 3.5" Chapel & Kirkland Dorm


Legacy Sugar Maple 3.5" North Dorm (west)


Fern Leaf Beech  

Carnegie Hall (south)

1 English Oak 3.5" Carnegie Hall & Main Quad
1 Accolade Elm 3.5" Root Hall/ Christian A. Johnson Hall
1 Sassafras   Kirkland Cottage (west)
1 Chestnut Oak 3.5" Main Quad (Benedict Hall/South Hall)
1 Rivers Purple Beech 4" South Hall & Campus Road
1 Commemmoration Sugar Maple 3.5" South Hall & Campus Road (north)
1 Silver Queen Maple 3.5" East Quad (opposite Minor Theatre)
2 Dr. Merrill Magnolia 8-10' ABC House (north)
2 Burgundy Belle Red Maple 3.5" 3994 Campus Road
1 Chinkapin Oak 3.5" Bristol Center (NW lawn) & Campus Road
1 Nyssa sylvatica 2" Cemetery
1 Magnolia acuminata 'Butterfly' 1.75" Cemetery
1 Maachia amurensis 1.75" Cemetery
1 Ginkgo biloba 'Saratoga' 2" Root Glen Parking Lot entrance
1 Ginkgo biloba 'Autumn Gold' 2" Root Glen Parking Lot entrance
1 Ginkgo biloba 'Samari' 2" Root Glen Parking Lot entrance
7 Ilex verticillata 'Red Sprite'   Root Glen Parking Lot entrance
2 Ginkgo biloba 'Magyar' 2" C&D Parking Lot
2 Ginkgo biloba 'Princeton Sentry' 2" C&D Parking Lot
6 Chamaecypris pisifera 'Filifera Aurea Nana'   C&D Parking Lot

Rutger's hybrid Dogwood 'Stellar Pink,' 'Aurora,'
'Constellation,' 'Celestrial,' 'Ruth Ellen'

2" C&D Parking Lot