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Root Glen in the Fall

The Root Glen Main Garden is alive will fall color.  While the blooms of the long day perennials and spring flowering trees have long since disappeared in the garden, the summer annuals have held the color until the short day perennials flowers come on.  This year we featured blue ageratum, dwarf yellow Marigolds,  bronze leaf Begonias, and Cleomes.


The fall garden depends upon the perennials that flower on a short day's light.  Plants we use are:

 Turtle Head, Chelone Lyonii, with a grand pink display for the partial shady areas. 

 Japanese Anemone, Anemone X Hybrida, are blooming in white, pink, and red.


 New England Asters, Aster Novae-Anglie, are featuring reds, blues and purple. 

                                                                           "Red chief"

The Hairy Toad Lily, Trycyrtus Hirta; is quite dainty in purple. 

Autumn Joy Sedum, Sedum spectabile, is holding excellent color in off red. 

Fall Crocus, Colchicum speciousus, produce a nice fall lavender display when mixed in with the long bloomers of summer. 

 Black eyed Susan, Rudbechia Hirta,  are holding on in yellow and are blending in nicely with the Asters and Anemonies. 

  The garden should hold its beauty into the middle of October, when the first frost will put the garden to rest for the season.

Within the Glen, the fall foliage colors are coming alive.  The defoliation caused by the Forest Tent Caterpillar will take its toll on the foliage display as many trees have the small leaves of the second foliar flush.  The Redbuds are displaying a nice yellow and the oranges of the Sugar Maples and the golden browns of the Beech should be attractive.









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