Museum, Theatre and Studio Arts Facilities

Kirkland Arts Challenge

Hamilton is pleased to announce a challenge grant to support the building of new arts facilities, which will include:

  • New theatre and studio arts complex near the Kirner-Johnson Building
  • New gallery and teaching museum across College Hill Road from the Molly Root house

The Kirkland Arts Challenge has been generously funded by Carol Travis Friscia K’77 and her husband Tony, who hope to encourage support of the arts at Hamilton.

Match of up to $250,000

This challenge is aimed particularly at Kirkland College alumnae and the friends and families of their generation on the Hill. For every $3 donated to the College for the arts facilities from July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2013, Carol and Tony will give $1, with the goal of raising $1 million.

The genesis of an idea

In June 2007, Carol returned to the Hill for the all-Kirkland gathering to celebrate the 35th reunion of the charter Kirkland Class of 1972. During the weekend Kirkland President Sam Babbitt addressed the group. In a question-and-answer session, he was asked about the physical changes that had taken place on campus. His response was simple and heartfelt:

Kirkland is not defined by a physical space — Kirkland was and will always be all of you. Each and every woman who came to college here — that is my Kirkland.

Sam’s words inspired Carol to challenge her fellow alumnae to extend this legacy of Kirkland into the future. “By showing our continued support of the arts, something so inherent to our unique educational experience, we can create a new legacy on the Hill and impact the future of liberal arts education as a whole,” she said.

Raising $1 Million for the Arts and Extending Kirkland’s Legacy

In recognition of the successful completion of the Kirkland Arts Challenge, the names of every woman who matriculated at Kirkland will be incorporated in one of the new arts buildings in a holistic, artistic way that expresses the spirit of Kirkland – a lasting tribute to all Kirkland women. In a letter to Sam Babbitt describing the challenge, Carol wrote, “I love the idea of us being part of something new on the Kirkland campus. I love the idea of young women and men of the future, studying the arts in our beloved orchard, who will look and wonder at the names of the brave Kirkland educational pioneers!”