Buddy Wellness Challenge

A wellness program with a focus on movement and the buddy system!

The next session begins Friday, September 1. 

The Buddy Wellness Program seeks to increase the number of Hamilton College employees who are active in their free time by creating partnerships for support and encouragement. Anyone who is on a Wellness Team can earn points for his/her team by participating. You earn a point by completing any one of the five sessions 9/1 to 10/12, 12/8 to 1/19, 3/14 to 4/25, 5/1 to 6/12 and 6/18 to 7/30.

  1. Choose a buddy to partner with. (Since we have revamped the program for this year, you are welcomed to partner with anyone you wish. Future buddies must be new to the Buddy Wellness Program.)
  2. Make sure you are a member of www.jackkunkel.com. If not already a member, use this link, www.jackkunkel.com/member, click “DON’T HAVE AN ACCOUNT? ACTIVATE ONE NOW,” enter your desired log in credentials, and your access code 1410. In order to be eligible for the points and cash incentives you have to use your Hamilton College email.
  3. After reading and accepting the terms & conditions, select “Start Challenge.”
  4. Use the first initial followed by the last name of both participants to create team names. After creating a new team, you will receive an email acknowledging your activation.
  5. Using your partner’s email, you can then send an invitation for them to join your team.
  6. After receiving the email, your partner will then log in and use the Team Access Code provided in the email. After completion, the following message will be displayed “You have successfully signed up for this Challenge.”
  7. Only one member will be the team leader, and is determined through the original creator of the team.
  8. Goal 1 involves declaring a wellness activity for the total six weeks’ goal.
    1. Both of you must complete your activity goals over six weeks. You have the opportunity gain 120 points per the six-week challenge. You must earn 100 points to gain a Hamilton College Wellness Cup point for your team.  It’s okay to miss a few activity days.
    2. Program Parameters/Buddies’ activity goals for each week:
      1. Each buddy may have his/her own individual activity goal; you don’t have to do the same thing. You do not need to do the activities together or on campus.
      2. At a minimum, (a) your goal must include activity on at least three days per week, and (b) the duration of each activity must be at least 15 minutes. Since the Buddy Program seeks to encourage being active during free time, activities performed as part of a participant’s job do not qualify.
      3. Both teammates must log in once a week, at which point you would have that current week to determine and complete the activity goal. To receive points for the week, the activity goal only needs to be entered once, but completed three times throughout the week. You will receive an email reminder weekly asking you to complete your goal before the expiration date.
      4. If all of these criteria are met, then each member earns points for your respective teams (again, with the maximum earned by any one person being four points per annum, September through June) and in all challenges three random participants will receive $50 cash award.
      5. Although you can earn points in a maximum of four sessions per year, you may participate in all five sessions - your last buddy will be earning points for their team, even if you cannot earn points for yourself. If you choose buddies who are on your Wellness Team, then you are helping to earn more points for your team.

If you have any issues logging into www.jackkunkel.com/members please contact Jack Kunkel.

Contact Information

Dave Thompson

Director of Blood Fitness Center and Campus Wellness
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