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2009-2010 Calendar

Aug. 25 Registration Open Fall Sports

Sept. 2 Captains/Free Agent Meeting 6pm/7pm GO41 Science

Sept. 4 Schedules Posted

Sept. 5  Fall Season Begins

Oct. 10 Softball Playoffs

Oct. 12 Reminder- Bring Ice Hockey Equipment back from break

Oct. 19-23 Fall Sport Playoffs

Oct. 26-Nov 1 Winter Sport Registration

Nov. 2 Winter Captains/Free Agent Meeting 6pm/7pm Location TBA

Nov. 4 Schedules Posted

Nov. 5 Winter Season Begins

Feb. 8-13 Winter Sport Playoffs

Feb. 15-17 I.M Committee Positions open

Mar. 9 Registration Open for Spring Sports

Mar. 13 Reminder- Bring Softball equipment back from break

Mar. 31 Spring Captains/Free Agent Meeting 6pm/7pm Location TBA

Apr. 3 Spring Season Begins

Apr. 26- May 2 Spring Sport Playoffs

May 9 Champions Cookout

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