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Movement and Lifestyle Program

January 25 - May 1, 2021

The Movement and Lifestyle Program is designed for all members of the Hamilton community who would like to expand their healthy habits and fitness levels. This option-based program allows participants to choose any or all activities that they feel work best for their abilities, lifestyle and goals.  It is easy to follow, and not intimidating. The great news is that anyone, of any ability, can participate and jump right in. Our number one priority when creating this program was inclusivity.

Research shows that making even the slightest change with your health and fitness routine is extremely intimidating which is why this program is based on “small wins”, frequency and consistency. We believe that small goals, consistently achieved over the long-term, create a situation for success versus massive change over the short term, which in many cases, ends in disappointment and the inability to sustain a new lifestyle. This program runs from January 1, 2021 to May 1, 2021, so jump in whenever you are ready!

Register Here: Movement and Lifestyle Program

Option 1: 17 Healthy Habits

Seventeen healthy habits will be rolled out over the next 17 weeks via our Healthy Newsletter email, one per week. These will be easy to implement and are simple routines that improve both mental and physical health. Examples include meditation, breathing, social connection, sleep, nutrition, and healthy indoor/outdoor activities.

Your goal as a participant is to perform the habit throughout the week. When the week ends and a new habit is released, you can decide whether you want to continue with the prior week's habit.

We hope that through simplicity we create an opportunity for engagement. If at the week's end, you did not enjoy or find the habit useful, no problem, simply move on to the next one! 

Option 2: Aerobic Challenge

We built a challenge that is truly about long-term commitment, but on your own terms and own time. Participants track their mileage or time completed for the following: walking, hiking, biking, rowing, swimming, running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing or anything else you consider healthy activities.

We have designed two Excel spreadsheets.

  • The first is a campus-wide group spreadsheet allowing you to update your totals that will contribute to the campus totals.
  • The second is an individual document that you can use to track each individual workout, and the date completed.

The group document will track updated totals for each of your activities. The individual document will be able to record each of your training day totals if you are inclined to track your progress that way. Your overall total mileage and/or time spent on an individual activity will be calculated for you.

There are three mileage tiers you can strive to achieve:

  • Bronze 100 miles of activity completed
  • Silver 250 miles of activity completed
  • Gold 500 miles of activity completed.

There are also three time tiers participants can strive to achieve:

  • Bronze: 2,500 minutes of activity completed (around 20 minutes per day)
  • Silver: 5,000 minutes of activity completed (around 40 minutes per day)
  • Gold: 7,500 minutes of activity completed (around 60 minutes per day)

**We like using the app Map My Walk, or Map My Run to track mileage or time. **

Two Goals:

  • #1 Aim to complete 100+ miles of activity in seventeen weeks! This equals just under 6 miles of activity, per week, less than a mile a day.
  • #2 Aim to achieve 2,500 + minutes spent exercising in seventeen weeks. That’s only a little over 20 minutes per day!

You can hop on your bike, run or walk at lunch, swim, cross-country ski, strength train- the options are endless

Option 3: Accountability

Staying motivated on your own is hard. That’s why we encourage the use of the following:

  • Try out Strava. Strava is a social network that allows you to record an activity which then goes to your Strava feed. Your friends and followers can share their own races, routes, workouts and leave comments on each other's activities. It’s very easy to use and provides a great deal of motivation and social connection. We built a Hamilton College Group on Strava which you can join here for free.
  • A private Facebook group for participants to share ideas, encourage others, post adventure pictures, and announce recent healthy habits or aerobic challenge accomplishments. This is closed to the public and only Hamilton College participants will have access.
  • Find an accountability partner, a friend/co-worker who you can rely on to show up for your daily walk, swim, adventure and assist with implementing the new healthy habit. Having the right accountability circle in place is a huge key to success!

Option 4: Personalized Care

  • Free 30-minute one-on-one Health and Fitness Consultation for all participants with Personal Trainer and Co-Movement Owner Josh Lewis. These will take place on Zoom or the phone. You will have this valuable time to discuss the following….
    • Your personal health goals
    • Questions about the Movement and Lifestyle Program
    • Nutrition advice
    • Fitness advice

      Please email Josh directly at Info@co-movement.com to schedule your call. This is a rolling admission, so all calls will be scheduled in the order the request is received. This service is available January 1 to May 1.
  • Monthly Beginner Movement Zoom Class: These 60-minute sessions are for beginners to fitness looking to learn simple tips and take away effective exercises. If you are looking for a great place to start your fitness journey and want to learn a basic blueprint of healthy movements, join these sessions! Beginners only please!


  • 1/27 1 p.m.: Upper Body Strength Zoom Link
  • 2/17 1 p.m.: Lower Body Strength
  • 3/3   1 p.m.: Core and Functional Patterns
  • 4/14 1 p.m.: Mobility and Functional Patterns
  • Weekly Movement Zoom Class: This 45-minute class is designed for all levels and focuses on unique bodyweight movements, mobility and fun challenges. This class has run successfully since April 2020 and is open to all faculty and staff who want to get their blood flowing and learn new movements!
    • This class starts 1/27/21 and is at 12 p.m.

Together we can take small steps towards improved health, and build lifelong healthy habits that lead to happiness and joy!

Important Links

  • Google Drive GROUP Document – Start tracking your mileage/time totals as an entire campus. You will be responsible for updating your new totals each time you input data.
    • In the event all the spaces are full when you go to input your name simply right click on one of the left hand “Fx” column numbers above the blue total row and click “insert 1 above”. (see this video for specific example)
  • Google Drive INDIVIDUAL document – start tracking your daily/weekly mileage/time totals. This document is for individual use, which will allow you to record any and all training days. To keep this document private please do the following.

    Click File, Make a Copy, Folder – My Drive. Do not check the box “Share it with the same people”. The file you just copied will be your individual copy and private. This individual document is solely for the purpose of copying the template to your individual Google drive account. Please share all group data under the group Google drive file above. (see this video for specific example)
  • Excel Sheet DEMO: How to Use (Video)
  • STRAVA Group – Sign up today!
  • How to Use Strava (Video)
  • FACEBOOK Group – Join now for accountability, ideas, and motivation!

Contact Information

Dave Thompson

Director of Blood Fitness Center and Campus Wellness
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