Wellness Cup

Each year, a series of Wellness Events are offered and open to any member of the Hamilton Community. The team with the highest percentage of participation is awarded the Wellness Cup. The events that count toward the Wellness Cup are: Ham & Legs 5K Run/Walk (October), Resolution Revolution (January), Wellness Fair (April), Hamtrek (May), The Buddy Wellness Challenge (All year).

Wellness Teams

Wellness Team groupings are based on office location (grouping those who work together on a team) and then size of team (aiming for a total team membership with a small range). The on-line campus directory for employees lists the team assignment as a number 1 - 10.

Wellness Team Names and Locations

How are points earned?

Points that go toward the Wellness Cup can be earned by employees only. 

Those working at the College who hold a “temporary” status (temp workers, retired employees, consultants) will not be counted in the point calculations.

How is the winning team identified?

As a way to measure team rankings for the wellness cup we tabulate based on total team participation. For example: Team 1 has 20 people and 20 people participate that translates to 100%. Team 2 has 25 people and 23 people participate that would be 92%. Even though Team 2 had more people participate than Team 1, it was not the winning team. Using the percentage helps account for the difference between the sizes of the teams.

Contact Information

Dave Thompson

Director of Blood Fitness Center and Campus Wellness
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