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FACCURR Guidelines

(revised 4 November 2010)

FACCURR facilitates our conversation about the curriculum at the college. CAP established it a over decade ago during the curricular review that led to the open curriculum, and it has been a useful channel of communication among faculty in the intervals between face-to-face gatherings such as the regular or open faculty meetings. Occasionally, the topic of a posting on FACCURR has moved away from its original purpose of facilitating thoughtful discussion about our curriculum. FACCURR is for discussion of curricular issues only.

We ask that all users focus their FACCURR posting on their constructive observations and suggestions about curriculum-related matters. To this end CAP encourages use of FACCURR for discussion of curricular initiatives, curricular coordination, course scheduling, response to campus events as they relate to the curriculum, and similar curricular topics. FACCURR is not for the promotion of particular courses or events.

If these guidelines are not followed then CAP will remind the user of these guidelines. Repeated violation will result in the removal of e-mailing privileges to this listserve. Other reminders:

  • You can send an email to the listserv using FACCURR@LISTSERV.hamilton.edu.
  • If you know of anyone who would like be added to the list, please ask them to email the CAP chair.
  • An email “reply” to someone else’s post will go only to the person you are responding to. If you wish to post to the entire list you must select "reply all."
  • Like a radio broadcast, a posting does not require a response from any other user.
  • You can receive a single daily compilation of FACCURR messages, rather than getting them individually, by switching to Digest mode.
  • To modify your FACCURR subscription (to switch to Digest mode, to suspend it temporarily, or to unsubscribe) visit http://listserv.hamilton.edu/scripts/wa.exe?SUBED1=FACCURR.
  • To leave the list, click below or send a blank email to: FACCURR-signoff-request@LISTSERV.HAMILTON.EDU.
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