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Guidelines for QSR Courses

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A Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning Course (QSR) course includes material in at least one of the following three categories:

  1. Statistical Analysis. The use of statistical analysis to describe data and to make inferences.
  2. Mathematical Representation. The use of mathematical models such as those based on graphs, equations, and geometric objects to represent patterns, relationships, and forms.
  3. Logic and Symbolic Reasoning. The use of formal logic or symbolic reasoning such as in the following examples: the proper construction of a computer program or a formal proof; the analysis of language in linguistics; or the study of music theory.

In addition, a QSR course includes four or more graded assignments (tests, quizzes, problem sets, labs, oral presentations, exhibits) in at least one of the three categories described above. Completion of this work is necessary to receive a passing grade in the course, but need not be the only graded work in the course.

 (approved by CAP March 5, 2009) 

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