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Student Learning Outcomes

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Writing Intensive courses

  • Students will refine their writing through a recursive process that involves drafting, revising, and receiving feedback from readers.
  • Students will substantiate and develop ideas through the analysis of evidence and the critical use of sources.
  • Students will employ appropriate rhetorical strategies and mechanical conventions for specific disciplines, audiences, genres, and media.
  • Students will properly incorporate, cite, and document sources

Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning courses

  • Students will successfully perform discipline-specific quantitative or symbolic manipulations.
  • Students will accurately interpret disciplinary arguments made using quantitative or symbolic rationalizations, whether of an analytical or visual nature.
  • Students will employ appropriate quantitative data or symbolic representations to support an argument.

Speaking Intensive courses

Effective communication varies by discipline, audience, genre, and context; therefore, determining appropriateness requires considering all of these factors.

  • Students will organize ideas clearly.
  • Students will employ appropriate verbal strategies.
  • Students will present using appropriate nonverbal strategies.
  • Students will incorporate appropriate supporting material.

Experiential Learning courses 

  • Students will produce, either individually or collaboratively, research or creative work of which they have significant ownership and share the research or creative work through presentations, written work, performances, or exhibitions.
  • Students will complete an internship or practicum for credit in which they explore career interests and gain work experience.
  • Students will engage local, national, or global issues through relationships with community partners that are mutually beneficial.
  • Students will develop their cultural understanding and awareness of social and cultural systems while studying off-campus or participating in significant immersive actions.
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