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Generating a Prospect List

One way that people find internship or job opportunities is to "go prospecting" (dictionary definition: to search about or explore) for potential employers based on your career field and geographic location(s) of interest. A list of such employers is called a "prospect list".
Resources for developing a prospect list:
  • CareerSearch a database of over 4 million companies, searchable by industry and/or location. If off-campus, access @ http://v2.careersearch.net//client, use "hamilton2" as your Client Referral, and select your own user name and password. Guide for using CareerSearch.
  • Google - search for organizations that fit your criteria (i.e., law firms Philadelphia)
  • Chamber of Commerce (www.chamberofcommerce.com) – a searchable membership directory of area employers is typically found on Chamber web sites.
  • Professional Associations
  • Personal contacts who may know of organizations fitting your criteria (a.k.a. "networking")
Determine whether the organizations on your prospect list have opportunities:
  • visit websites
  • e-mail or write exploratory letter (see sample letter for "no known opening")
  • call department of human resources at organization