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Matt Arnold '09 with ESOL student
Career Path Experience: Breaking free of career "shoulds"

Many seniors find themselves divided between what they think they “should” do and what they “want” to do. Matt Arnold '09 shares his experience of breaking free of the career path  "shoulds".  More ...

How I Got My First Job with Jaclyn Schuck '10

Jaclyn Schuck graduated in May 2010. She came back to share her experience about her job search these past couple of months and to help inspire other individuals who may be struggling.  More ...

Internship Critical - More internships are leading to full-time jobs
The Wall Street Journal's survey of college recruiters said more than 50% of their new-graduate hires had been interns at their companies; 14% said more than 75% were... More ...
Back-To-School Report: Internships Critical

As the roughly 12 million students enrolled in four-year degree-granting colleges and universities prepare to begin their fall semester over the coming days and weeks, many will attempt to supplement their classroom education with real-world lessons gained through part-time internships. Internships have never been more important, according to one workplace authority, but he warns that landing one has never been more difficult.  More ...

Kino Ruth of the Career Center advises a student.
Students Gain Work Experience Through Summer Internships
Throughout the summer, internships funded by alumni and friends of the college have been featured on Hamilton’s news site. Described below are a few paid internships that also provided Hamilton students with valuable career experiences. There undoubtedly were many more, and we invite students to send the media relations office descriptions of their experiences so that we can expand this list. More ...
Hali Baumstein '11
One for the Books
Some people struggle to find a career; others pursue careers in a field about which they have been passionate since a young age. Hali Baumstein ’11 finds herself in the latter category. A self-proclaimed bookworm since childhood, Baumstein has a summer internship with HarperCollins Publishers that she hopes will help her get a jumpstart on a career in publishing. She is supported by the Joseph F. Anderson ’44 Internship Fund. More ...
Danielle Burby '12
Reading Between the Lines
Like many of her fellow commuters on the train, Danielle Burby ’12 spends much of her daily two-hour commute reading. But unlike the other travelers, Burby’s literature of choice has not yet been published. Supported by the Class of 2006 Fund, Burby is immersing herself in the publishing world with internships at Clarion Publishing and Faye Bender Literary Agency. More ...
Katherine Costa '12
ROSE Fund Stresses Self-Esteem to Domestic Violence Victims
For the victims of domestic violence, the complex emotional effects often leave deeper scars than those on the body. But the first step to finding a voice is confidence, and Katherine Costa ’12 is working with the ROSE Fund this summer to help women recover their self-esteem and take a stand against domestic violence. She is supported by the Joseph F. Anderson ’44 Fund. More ...
Elizabeth Bucceri '11 , second from left, with zoo interns and Southern White Rhino, Tony.
Creatures of Habitat
Most children are crazy about animals; aquariums, petting zoos and pony rides are the world’s best entertainment for many children. Elizabeth Bucceri ’11 gets to spend her summer not only making youngsters happy at one of their favorite places, but releasing her own inner child as she interns at the Philadelphia Zoo. Her internship is supported by the Jeffrey Fund for Science Internships, managed by the Career Center. More ...
Kerry Nieman '12
Nieman '12 is Cancer Researcher at U. of Chicago
As an intern at the University of Chicago Medical Center, Kerry Nieman ’12 has the opportunity to observe a gynecological surgery. As the surgeon removes some tissue the omentum (a large fold of the peritoneum), Nieman takes it immediately to her lab station and begins to run experiments on it. With support from the Jeffrey Fund for Science Internships, Nieman is spending the summer researching ovarian cancer. More ...
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