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Ayebea Darko '13
Internship Gives Darko ’13 a Global View of Finance
In the world of high finance, little compares to the overwhelming New York Stock Exchange for sheer volume of information and hustle and bustle. But Ayebea Darko ’13 is getting a truly global perspective on the global economy. With aid from the Summer Internship Support Fund, Darko is interning with Databank Financial Services in Accra, Ghana. More ...
Sophie Boehm '11 with her Ugandan homestay mom.
Stocking the Arsenal Against AIDS
In South Africa, about 19 percent of the population ages 15-49 is living with HIV or AIDS.1 Many children are haunted by the disease, supporting family members or living with it themselves. Sophie Boehm ’11, with support from the Joseph F. Anderson Internship Fund, is interning with the Ubuntu Education Fund, which works to lighten the load of these burdened children. More ...
Eva Hunt '11
Exploring Art as Therapy
Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” This summer, Eva Hunt ’11 is discovering how art is used cathartically, but for some heavier dust than Picasso’s; through internships with Project Create and The Smith Farm Center, Hunt is learning that art can be therapeutic for children and adults. More ...
Loren Ormeo '11
Ormeo ’11 is an Angel in the Kitchen
Chopping vegetables, cooking meats and mixing dressings, Loren Ormeo ’11 is occupied with cooking a large meal. But instead of just cooking for her friends or family, Ormeo cooks for the needy: those whose life-threatening illnesses prevent them from shopping and cooking themselves. With support from the Summer Internship Support Fund through the Career Center, Ormeo is working with Project Angel Food in Los Angeles. More ...
Tenzing Lama '13
Tenzing Lama ’13 Interns in Nepal Hospital
A trip to the emergency room can be a harrowing and frustrating experience, especially given the rising cost of medical care. In cities such as Bhaktapur, Nepal, many people lack the funds to receive necessary medical care. With support from a Jeffrey Fund for Science Internship, Tenzing Lama ’13 is working with doctors and nurses at Siddhi Memorial Hospital that provides much-needed medical care at low costs. More ...
Lennie Specht '11
Specht ’11 Fights for Women’s Rights in Massachusetts
In a courtroom in Boston, representatives from the National Organization of Women (NOW) sit in on a decision of children’s custody. They are there to remind the judge to be fair and impartial, as a representative of women’s rights worldwide. As a legislative intern with the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women (MCSW), Lennie Specht ’11 works to improve the legislation regarding women’s issues in the state of Massachusetts. More ...
Dan Kroening '11
Bourne Braves Internship a Hit for Dan Kroening '11
From the pitchers’ mound to the concession stand, Daniel Kroening ’11 can’t get enough baseball. One may think that the 33 games of the varsity baseball season and playing in a local summer league would sate his thirst for the great American pastime, but Kroening just keeps coming back for more. Kroening is learning more about the behind-the-scenes elements of the game in his internship with amateur baseball league franchise the Bourne Braves. More ...
College Funding Supports Summer Interns
What summer job is better for college students – one that pays well and allows them to save money and pay for expenses, or one that doesn't pay anything but gives them the career-related experience they need to help land a "real" job after college graduation? It's a dilemma that many students face during the summer and sometimes it's difficult to find a job that provides both. More ...
Mary Phillips '11
Mary Phillips ’11 Jumps into the Non-Profit World
All over the world, women fight for their rights. In Iraq they speak out for women raped and murdered by their husbands, in Colombia they fight to help heal the damage caused by exploiting child soldiers. Everywhere there is injustice, organizations form to support these wronged individuals. Working with MADRE in New York City, Mary Phillips ’11 is learning the business side of a non-profit. More ...
Max Williams '12
Max Williams ’12 Does Hands-on Lab Work in Internship
Staring at the computer screen in front of him, Max Williams ’12 rotates a complex MRI image. He opens up the cross sections, targeting the colored area and moving “slices” of the image to better see the specific piece he wants. What is all this technology used to analyze? A chicken embryo’s face, of course! Williams is spending the summer at the Birth Defects Research Lab at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle working to set new parameters for the embryonic development of chickens. More ...
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