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Watch for new episodes throughout the semester and give us your feedback and suggestions! Please email lbell@hamilton.edu with your ideas.

International Development

Episode Length: 11:08 min. | File Size: 13.9 MB | February 13, 2010
Emily Byron '07, Project Coordinator for ACDI/VOCA, describes the work of a project coordinator for an international development agency and gives resources and advice for landing a job in the field.

Summer Internships Panel 2010

Episode Length: 18:59 min. | File Size: 24.8 MB | February 11, 2010
Brandon Moore '12, Rachel Host '11, Caitlin Fitzsimons '11, and Tim Belden '10 discuss how they prepared for their internships, what they did, and offer advice to students on how to get the internship they want over the summer.

Careers in Environmental Resource Management

Episode Length: 12:15 min. | File Size: 18.7 MB | February 10, 2010
Richard Waite '03, a Program Coordinator for People and Ecosystems at the World Resources Institute, talks about how his career path took him from music to resource management, describes the industry, and offers advice for students interested in the field.


Careers in Public Relations

Episode Length: 15:26 min. | File Size: 49.1 MB | December 24, 2009
Rachel Antman '92, an Account Director at LVM Group, describes public relations work, explains how it differs from advertising and marketing, and suggests ways to be competitive for entry-level positions.

Careers in Investment Banking

Episode Length: 11:51 min. | File Size: 30.6 MB | December 23, 2009
Brian Truesdale '92, Head of Technology Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank, discusses the field of investment banking and how to secure a career in this field.

Careers in Entrepreneurship

Episode Length: 13:10 min. | File Size: 32.0 MB | November 5, 2009
Mark Kasdorf '06 discusses his experiences with entrepreneurship and gives advice on how Hamilton students can start their own companies.

Applying to Law School

Episode Length: 13:27 min. | File Size: 25.4 MB | October 30, 2009
Jeannine Murtaugh, Pre Law Advisor, gives advice on the law school application process.

Careers in International Public Health

Episode Length: 12:05 min. | File Size: 16.4 MB | September 17, 2009
Meredith Paddock '06, a staff assistant in the clinical microbicides team at the Population Council, talks about the field of international public health.

Americorps and Careers in Nonprofits

Episode Length: 13:11 min. | File Size: 40.5 MB | June 29, 2009
Winter Burhoe '08 describes her work with Americorps and New Jersey After Three, and discusses the details of working for a nonprofit organization.

Careers in Advertising

Episode Length: 11:18 min. | File Size: 13.2 MB | May 5, 2009
Leland Candler '04, an Account Executive at Ogilvy & Mather, shares
information about working at an advertising agency and opportunities in the field.

How to use HamNET

Episode Length: 4:54 min. | File Size: 5.2 MB | April 21, 2009
This episode highlights frequently asked questions about how to use HamNET including login issues, job searching and uploading documents.

Careers in Clinical Research

Episode Length 11:30 min. | File Size: 13.1 MB | April 21, 2009
Justin Monroe '07, a research assistant in radiology at the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia shares advice about his experience searching for job opportunities in clinical research.

Post-BA Paralegal Work (Audio Only)

Episode Length: 14:49 min. | File size: 13.6 MB | February 10, 2009
Allison Kent '04 shares her career experience working as an in house paralegal at State Street Global Advisors, a financial institution in Boston.

Careers in Social Work (Audio Only)

Episode Length: 20:40 min. | File Size: 12.7 MB | December 9, 2008
Jess Ambrose '02 offers advice about applying to graduate programs and jobs, and her experience in the social work field.

Thinking About a Career in Finance? (Audio Only)

Episode Length: 16:01 min. | File size: 14.7 MB |  October 13, 2008
Advice from Kino Ruth, Director of the Career Center, on career options in finance.

Book Publishing

Episode Length: 9:23 min. |  File size: 22 MB | June 27, 2008
Interested in a career in book publishing? Caroline Abbey '06, Assistant Editor at Bloomsbury Children's Books, talks about how to make yourself a competitive candidate.

How to Obtain Your First Career-Related Experience

Episode Length: 5:35 min. | File size: 9.9 MB | January 28, 2008
How to find your first internship.

General Electric Financial Management Program

Episode Length = 7:32 min. | File size: 3.6 MB | December 4, 2007
Brendan Ferretti '01 discusses General Electric's Financial Management Program and offers advice for interested candidates.

Careers in Private Schools

Episode Length: 10:25 min. | File size: 6.0 MB | November 7, 2007
Maria Reade '86, Dean of Faculty @ Trinity Pawling School provides advice.

NYC Teaching Fellows Program

Episode Length: 11:25min. | File size: 13.0 MB | October 11, 2007
Interested in teaching in NYC? Ashlyn Field '05 discusses her experience with the NYC Teaching Fellows program.

Thinking About Law School?

Episode Length: 10:05 min. | File size: 11.6 MB | August 29, 2007
Law School Planning: part one - how to determine whether law school is for you.

Job Search: Interviewing (Episode 5)

Episode Length: 7:53 min. | File size: 3.7 MB | May 9, 2007
Nine commonly-asked questions and how to answer them.

Job Search: Application Tips & Strategies (Episode 4)

Episode Length: 6:48 min. | File size: 3.3 MB | April 24, 2007
Resume and cover letter tips, application advice and follow-up strategies.

Job Search: Networking and Informational Interviewing (Episode 3)

Episode Length: 6:12 min. | File size: 3.0 MB | February 12, 2007
How talking to people about their jobs can help you find one.

Job Search: Developing a Prospect List (Episode 2)

Episode Length: 5:53 min. | File size: 3.1 MB | December 8, 2006
Who do you want to work for? Don't wait for a job listing - target potential employers.

Job Search: Developing a Plan (Episode 1)

Episode Length: 5:37 min. | File Size: 2.8 MB | November 30, 2006
You can't get there if you don't know where you are going - listen for tips on developing an Employment Plan.

ABC's of Eastern College Career Days

Episode Length: 5:14 min. | File Size: 6.1 MB | October 24, 2006
Going to ECCD? Learn how to prepare for the event and what to expect when you get there.

Spring Away from Campus:  Four Steps to Take this Semester to Secure a Summer Internship

Episode Length: 5:53 min. | File Size: 7.8 MB | October 10, 2006
Studying away from campus this spring? Learn the steps you need to take now - and while you're away - to help secure an internship for the summer.