Career and Life Outcomes Center

Maurice Horowitch Career Center is located on the third floor of Bristol Center.

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How the Program Works

  1. Students review opportunities online beginning September 23.
  2. Students apply between October 1 and October 20 by submitting a draft of their resume and an essay in which they indicate their top 4 choices and describe how they expect to benefit from the career shadowing experience.
  3. Career Center staff will "match" student preferences with shadowing opportunities on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Sponsors and students will be notified that a match has been made in mid-November. Sponsors will receive the name and contact information for the student; students will not receive contact information until the following two steps have been completed.
  5. Students will revise their resumes and get them approved by Career Center staff.
  6. Students will attend a mandatory "pre-departure workshop" at which staff from the Career Center will review expectations for program participation.
  7. Students will make initial contact with shadow sponsor between mid-November and early December to arrange a mutually convenient day and time for the shadowing experience.
  8. Students will arrive to "shadow" sponsors for a day/half-day between January 2 - 17, 2014.
  9. Students and sponsors will complete a (required) evaluation of the HamiltonExplore program.