Daily Advent Reflections, 2011

First Sunday of Advent (Nov. 27) -- Jeff McArn

Monday, First Week of Advent -- Carrie Cabush '15

Tuesday, First Week of Advent -- Kaye Kagaoan '15

Wednesday, First Week of Advent -- Libby Chamberlin '14

Thursday, First Week of Advent -- Clare Brown '12

Friday, First Week of Advent -- Roxanne Bellamy-Campbell

Saturday, First Week of Advent -- Emma Bowman '15


Second Sunday in Advent (Dec. 4) -- Gabe Mollica '14

Monday, Second Week of Advent -- Dom Veconi '15

Tuesday, Second Week of Advent -- Daniel Lichtenauer '14

Wednesday, Second Week of Advent -- Phyllis Breland

Thursday, Second Week of Advent -- Jon Piskor '14

Friday, Second Week of Advent -- Paul Westin '15

Saturday, Second Week of Advent -- Jasmin Thomas '15


Third Sunday of Advent (Dec. 11) --Amy James

Monday, Third Week of Advent -- Dana Hubbard

Tuesday, Third Week of Advent -- Jake Taylor '14

Wednesday, Third Week of Advent -- Nate Taylor '11

Thursday, Third Week of Advent -- Chiuba Obele '13

Friday, Third Week of Advent -- (Last Day of Exams) Ketura D. Brown '04

Saturday, Third Week of Advent—Noelle Niznik


Fourth Sunday of Advent (Dec. 19) —Betsy & Chip Hemmel

Monday, Fourth Week of Advent—Sarah Kane '12

Tuesday, Fourth Week of Advent—Savannah Alvarado '15

Wednesday, Fourth Week of Advent—Catherine Malcolm '14

Thursday, Fourth Week of Advent—Britt Hysell

Friday, Fourth Week of Advent—Kristen Morgan-Davie '12

Saturday, Fourth Week of Advent (Christmas Eve)—Justin Brown '14

Sunday, Christmas Day—Jeff McArn