Hamilton College Community Church

Chaplain - The Rev. Jeffrey McArn
Musical Director - Bob Ford

Community Church worships on Sundays in the chapel at 4 p.m. every Sunday the college is in session. These services are welcoming and ecumenical in nature, incorporating a variety of traditions from gospel music and spirituals to sung chanting of the Psalms weekly. Worship includes reading of scripture and meditation on that scripture by Chaplain Jeff McArn. Our Music Director Bob Ford coordinates our student musicians and singers including our C-Church Worship Band, our Gospel Choir, and our Chapel Choir.

We celebrate communion once a month and after the service we celebrate the beginning of a new week with pizza and wings. Come join us! 

In addition to chapel services we sponsor a weekly dinner/discussion session on Thursdays at 4 p.m. called the Chaplain's Chat 'n Chew offering a wide variety of topics and current events to discuss. There is also an occasional discussion group that meets in the Pub called Spirituality on Tap where a faculty member is invited to come and lead a discussion on a certain spiritual topic.

We also make available Bible study groups, pizza and video gatherings and other opportunities to gather as a community, and also occasional off-campus spiritual retreats. There are also possibilities for pursuing non-credit independent studies in Old or New Testament and in a weekly seminar "What Do Christians Believe?"

Community Church Music

The Protestant Worshipping Community at Hamilton College. We are a welcoming worship environment with contemporary music. The C-Church Band includes a lively combo of keyboards, guitar/bass, sax, drums and various vocals. We also have a Chapel Choir which leads us in sacred music, and we enjoy frequent visits from our campus Gospel Choir, and also a new employee/community member choir called "Hard Times" Choir. Our music is directed by Bob Ford.