Morning Service
Sundays at 10 am in the Chapel

Our Morning Service is an innovative combination of spiritual expression, incorporating song, dance, visual arts, poetry and theater, as well as the witnessing to the Word. The Morning Service is an expansion of a more traditional approach to worship, pointing to the cross section of students who participate, including those with Creole, Asian, Hispanic and African-American roots. In this service you will have the opportunity to worship in a variety of Christian styles -- from pentecostal to personal testimony, from non-denominational to praise-oriented worship. Communion is held on the first Sunday of the month. Fellowship brunch in Commons Dining Hall usually follows the worship hour.

Roxanne Bellamy Campbell

Roxanne Bellamy-Campbell coordinates the Morning Service and offers preaching in a rotation with two other ministers: Susan Woods and Melisha Bryant.

Praise Band

Musicians include Hunter Dansin on guitar, and Calynn Choi on keyboard