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ACC Distance Learning Program 

Where language, 


culture and

society are 

combined in one

intensive language 


Course Format

Students interact individually with a professionally trained teacher from ACC in Beijing, China using Skype for 20-minute sessions.

ACC’s 15 years of experience shows 20-minute individual sessions maximize language learning outcomes.

Session Breakdown:

  • 3-min: Warm-up in Chinese
  • 7-min: Listening/Speaking Interaction
  • 8-min: Task-based Activity
  • 2-min: Summary & Follow-up Activity

Students can sign-up for as many sessions as desired.
One-two sessions per week is recommended to boost learning capability.

Benefits to you:

  • Sessions are catered to your individual needs.
  • Lessons are conducted to match and improve your individual proficiency.
  • Activities are altered to guarantee you learn what you want to learn.
  • Classes are in Chinese only (English can be used if necessary).

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No prior language experience is necessary.

All levels of Chinese learners (no experience, beginner, intermediate, advanced & superior) are welcome to join this program.

Simply follow the steps below to get started:
1) register on the DLC website (http://accscheduling.hamilton.edu),
2) complete our pre-course evaluation,
3) download the Skype application from http://www.skype.com, and register for a new account;
4) sign-up for an available session on the DLC website.

We will build a plan that is best for you!

Cost and Availability

Each 20-minute session is $6.00.

Sessions are available:

U.S. Eastern Time:
Monday-Thursday Morning: 6:30AM – 8:30AM
Sunday-Wednesday Evening: 7:00PM – 10:00PM

U.S. Central Time:
Monday-Thursday Morning: 5:30AM – 7:30AM
Sunday-Wednesday Evening: 6:00PM – 9:00PM

U.S. Mountain Time:
Monday-Thursday Morning: 4:30AM – 6:30AM
Sunday-Wednesday Evening: 5:00PM – 8:00PM
U.S. Pacific Time:
Monday-Thursday Morning: 3:30AM – 5:30AM
Sunday-Wednesday Evening: 4:00PM – 7:00PM

(Schedule is adjusted for Daylight Savings Time change)

Special sessions can be requested based on instructor availability.

Sign-up for single & multiple sessions per day or per week!

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