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Message from College Marshal

Dear seniors—Graduation is fast approaching. Please search your email for a link from the Registrar for NameCoach, so that the faculty reading names at Commencement will know how to pronounce your name correctly. When you record, please say your name once slowly, once at normal speed, and then provide rhyme words. Tell them which syllable should get the most emphasis. We appreciate your recording your name as soon as possible to give them time to prepare.
Then, I most seriously and strenuously urge you to choose comfortable shoes to wear at Commencement—ones that you have worn before, so they don’t pinch your feet; ones with reasonable heels; ones that you can walk in quickly and purposefully. The Senior Class does a lot of walking that morning—up and down stairs and ramps. Inappropriate footwear slows the march. Your shoes will not appear in graduation photos!

If you have additional questions, please email the College Events and Scheduling Office.

Margaret Thickstun
Jane Watson Irwin Professor of Literature
College Marshal

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