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Policy for Essential Contractors and Service Providers

Hamilton College COVID-19 Policy

  1. Division vice presidents must validate all essential contractor and service provider needs
  2. Division vp or representative submits an essential contractor or service provider approval request to Roger Wakeman (representing Campus Operations for the Task Force) by sending the following information:
    • Name of service provider or vendor
    • Function to be performed, noting if it is student-facing
    • Location of work
    • Time period of engagement
    • Service provider’s company COVID protocol (required unless exception granted) and confirmation of acknowledgment of Hamilton’s protocols
  3. Request is reviewed by the Health & Safety subgroup of the task force
  4. If there are no concerns, proceed to credentialing (#5 below); if there are concerns, an effort will be made to resolve through the subgroup and any remaining concerns or disapproval recommendations will be brought to the COVID-19 Task Force Steering Committee for review
  5. Upon approval, essential contractor or service providers should go the Facilities Management main office to receive a contractor badge and to be entered into the contractor log

Revision: Feb. 2, 2021

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