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Events and Visitors

All large-scale campus events – including athletic competitions, arts performances, speakers, and other traditional gatherings of more than 50 people – are suspended until further notice in accordance with NYS mandates.

General Public – Use of Grounds

The Hamilton campus is open to the general public, although visitors without a specific purpose will generally be discouraged in order to reduce the risk of unknowingly bringing the COVID-19 virus to campus. If the volume of general public visitors increases risk, this policy will be reconsidered by the Task Force. Campus Safety will continue regular patrol, observation, and appropriate intervention under the guidelines of the department and in the spirit of protecting the campus community. All visitors must wear face coverings and adhere to physical distancing guidelines when on campus. Campus buildings are closed to the general public.

Alex selfie stickAdmission Visitors and Tours

The Admission Office has paused its campus visit program to keep students and community members safe and healthy, but we hope to offer visit opportunities later in the year. Prospective students visiting the area may stop at the Siuda House for Admission and Financial Aid during regular business hours to register, pick-up a campus map, and get instructions for taking an informal self-guided tour of campus. Maps are also available at the Siuda House after hours. Visitors should wear face coverings, maintain a six-foot distance from others, and refrain from entering any campus buildings.

Virtual Tours & Events

Athletics Spectators [Rev., Mar. 29]

Regrettably, the allowance for spectators for spring sports is restricted to students, faculty, and staff who are in the Hamilton testing program. No other spectators are permitted.

Job Candidates and Interviews [rev., mar. 15]

The majority of recruitment and interviewing should happen virtually. Job candidates who are finalists may be invited to visit campus and must follow all safety protocols as they pertain to the current operating status [COVID Normal (Green) as of March 8]. Tours should be minimized, including guided tours inside facilities and self-guided tours of the campus.

EXTERNAL Service Providers [REV., Feb. 2]

Contractors, vendors, and service providers must comply with state, local, and campus protocols and must provide company-specific and/or project-specific COVID-19 safety plans as part of contract requirements. Providers are subject to an evaluation of the essential nature of the services in relation to the alert level status in place. Hamilton employees should contact Roger Wakeman for permission and credentialing for service providers to visit campus.

It is essential to recognize that studying on campus during this pandemic creates an unavoidable risk of exposure to COVID-19. To mitigate risk of contracting the coronavirus, everyone must cooperate and follow public health guidance and related College rules and communications. Honoring them is a condition of Hamilton’s COVID-19 Community Standards; failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
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