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vaccination iconVaccinations [REV. June 10]

  • All students on campus must be immunized unless they have an approved religious or health exemption
  • The College strongly recommends that all employees be immunized and report their vaccination status. Exemptions may be approved for religious or medical reasons.

tracking iconSymptom Tracking

The daily symptom tracker remains a mandate from the NYSDOH. As a result, all employees and students who are on campus are required to continue completing the emocha app daily. Students returning home will not be required to complete this task.

testing iconTesting

Unvaccinated Individuals

Unvaccinated individuals who are on campus are expected to follow these protocols:

  • Only unvaccinated employees and students working on campus during the summer are expected to get a PCR test every Wednesday at the Tolles Pavilion; a courier will be retained for delivery of Wednesday’s specimens to the Broad Institute for processing
  • A short follow-up testing session will be offered on Fridays only for individuals who tested “inconclusive/invalid” earlier in the week
  • Individuals who test “abnormal” will need to go off campus to WellNow for COVID-19 rapid antigen testing or obtain a self-performed rapid antigen test and share the results with Human Resources (employees) or the Health Center (students)
  • Rapid antigen testing is required for all participants of sports clinics and will be administered by the athletics training staff
Symptomatic Individuals

Any individual experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should not report to work and instead seek testing off campus or with a rapid test from a pharmacy, regardless of their immunization status.

  • Students should first contact Campus Safety, even if transportation is not needed, to help secure a rapid test at a local urgent care facility (e.g., WellNow)
  • Students who test positive should make arrangements with Campus Safety to return to their residence hall to pack before being moved into isolation housing off campus at a local hotel
  • Staff should first notify their supervisor, then contact their primary care provider to review concerns and secure testing
  • Staff members who test positive should notify Human Resources

isolation and quarantine iconIsolation and Quarantine

  • Hotel space will be procured on an as-needed basis for student isolation or quarantine in the following order: Homewood Suites, TownePlace Suites, Burrstone Inn
  • Grubhub vouchers will be provided for food
  • Vaccinated students who are considered contacts of positive individuals are not required to quarantine

face coverings and physical distancing iconFace Coverings and Physical Distancing

  • Face coverings must be worn by unvaccinated individuals at all times indoors on campus, except when alone in a private office, or attending to personal hygiene or eating. Vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask outdoors or indoors on the Hamilton campus.
  • Classroom spacing guidelines will be determined in June for Opportunity Program classes, and later for the Fall semester

gatherings iconGatherings

  • Follow campus policy regarding masking and distancing for unvaccinated individuals
  • Gatherings are permitted and outdoor venues are highly encouraged
  • Three canopies and the Babbitt Pavilion are available for reservations
  • Gatherings can include food available in buffet style or individually packaged
  • Unvaccinated individuals should ensure appropriate physical distancing while eating or drinking at gatherings

offices, staffing, and employee travel iconOffices, Staffing, and Employee Travel

  • There are no restrictions on employees returning to work on campus as long as they are either vaccinated or in the testing program and they follow the COVID-19 protocols in place
  • College-sponsored employee travel in the summer is limited to domestic destinations

International Travel Guidelines [New, June 15]

At the time of this writing, Hamilton has not sanctioned international travel related to work.

The following guidelines have been developed for students, visiting faculty, and visiting staff coming to campus from an international location. They are based on guidance from the New York State Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • All individuals, including those who are fully vaccinated, need to complete a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before traveling to the United States. Results should be shared with your supervisor or program director. Students can upload their results directly into the Student Health Portal.
  • All individuals are encouraged to wear a well-fitting face covering during their time at airports and when using mass transit and public transportation.
  • All should be prepared to change their face covering if it becomes soiled or ripped.
  • The College requires all individuals, including those who are fully vaccinated, returning to campus from an international location to test three to five days after their return. Individuals should be in conversation with the supervisor or program director to get more specific information. The College will facilitate this testing through its COVID-19 Testing Center.
  • Individuals are considered fully vaccinated either two weeks after their second dose of a two-dose vaccination series (like Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19) OR two weeks after a single-dose vaccine (like Johnson & Johnson/Jansen COVID-19). Individuals who have received other international COVID-19 vaccines while abroad should submit proof for review; students should upload to the Student Health Portal and faculty and staff should contact their supervisor or Human Resources for more direction.
  • Any individual not fully vaccinated needs to quarantine upon arrival. The College can assist with hotel accommodations and meals at no expense to the individual while they are quarantined. Arrangements will be made for testing at the hotel, typically between days three and five. After negative results have been reviewed, individuals will be allowed to come to campus on day eight. If you are unwilling or unable to test, then you need to remain in quarantine for 10 full days, leaving on day 11. Please notify your supervisor or the Dean of Students Office at least one month in advance if you will need to quarantine so we can plan accordingly.
  • All individuals should self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for at least 14 days. If symptoms develop during that time, they should isolate themselves and call their supervisor or the Student Health Center to develop a plan for testing.
  • Unvaccinated individuals should work with their supervisor or program director to get COVID-19 vaccinations scheduled as soon as possible. The College can assist with transportation to and from vaccination appointments if needed. Vaccination appointments can be made easily using Vaccine Finder. Many places now allow walk-ins for vaccinations without an appointment. Reach out to the Student Health Center or Human Resources with questions.
  • Until an individual meets the fully vaccinated definition above, that person is required to wear a mask while indoors on campus and when unable to maintain six feet of physical distance from others. That individual is also required to test on campus weekly at the COVID-19 Testing Center per campus guidelines. If they are sick, they should remain home or in their residence hall room and reach out to their supervisor or the Student Health Center.


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