Data for the Spring 2022 Semester is reported starting on 1/1/2022. For clarifications on the terminology used below, please see our data definitions.


New Cases
for 7/4/2022
Total Cases
Active: 0 -7/4/22
Resolved: 954 -
Total: 954
Results: 34255
Pos. Rate: 2.78%
Avg Return: 16.3hrs
This data is typically updated daily at 12:00 AM EST with the previous day's testing results. Last Updated: 7/5/22 12:00 AM.

This dashboard is not currently showing quarantine information. Our community is vaccinated and based on guidance from the CDC and the Oneida County Health Department, vaccinated individuals who are identified as close contacts are not typically required to quarantine.


New Cases
for 7/4/2022
Total Cases
Active: 0 -7/4/22
Resolved: 107 -
Total: 107
Results: 16376
Pos. Rate: 0.65%
Avg Return: 16.3hrs
This data is typically updated daily at 12:00 AM EST with the previous day's testing results. Last Updated: 7/5/22 12:00 AM.
Employee Third Party Positives

All numbers above reflect testing administered by Hamilton College for students and employees currently living or working on campus. In some cases, positive tests administered by a third party testing source are reported to the college. Those results are not reflected in the statistics above, and are reported here.

Third Party Cases
New Jul 4: 0
Total: 92

Local and State

Hamilton College is in the Mohawk Valley Region of New York State.

New Cases (7/3)
Oneida Co: 10
Region: 26
NY State: 12864
Tests (7/3)
Oneida Co: 233
Region: 530
NY State: 126174
Source: New York State Statewide COVID-19 Testing

For more information about COVID-19 in our region, please visit the Oneida County COVID-19 Dashboard.

Dashboard Questions?

Please contact the Dean of Students Office at dosdept@hamilton.edu or 315-859-4020. Media inquiries should be directed to Vige Barrie, vbarrie@hamilton.edu.

Data Definitions

Students - All students that are residing in on-campus housing during the current term.
Employees - All employees that have been on campus within 7 days of being tested. In this case, employee numbers include contractors and temporary workers.
New Cases - The number of positive test results reported on the given date.
Active Cases - The number of individuals currently in isolation due to having tested positive.
Resolved Cases - In keeping with CDC and Oneida County guidelines, cases are reported as "resolved" after 10 days. Please note that individual medical situations may vary.
Total Cases - Total number of cases since tracking began (active plus resolved).
Positive Test - A test result that indicates the person has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus (not the antibody).
Test Results - Includes test results returned from on campus testing by Hamilton College in partnership with the Broad Institute.
Third Party Cases - Positive tests reported from testing sources other than Hamilton College. Third party cases are only reported when Human Resources is notified, and the individual was on campus during the exposure period.
Average Return - The average number of hours between the test being administered and the results being reported.
Positivity Rate - Percentage of individuals testing positive out of total test results returned.

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