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Residential Life

Community Standards Agreement

Prior to arrival for the spring semester, all students (including students returning from the fall) are required to sign the Community Standards Agreement.

Residence Halls

Hamilton’s goal is to provide a safe and vibrant living and learning experience. There will be opportunities for students to connect with each other virtually and in small groups, and indoor and outdoor spaces will be identified for small group gatherings. As in the past, no students are permitted to live off campus. Any student who violates our on-campus residency requirement will be subject to the standards in our Student Code of Conduct, in addition to those in the COVID-19 Community Standards Agreement.

Cohorts and Family Units

To help us create opportunities for socializing safely within residence halls, while simultaneously complying with state guidelines for residential colleges, students are assigned “cohorts” and “families” as described below.

  • Family Unit: Roommates or those sharing an apartment will be considered a family unit.
  • Cohorts: Groups of approximately 10-12 students living adjacent to one another serve as a cohort. Members of the same cohort may enter each other’s rooms, but face coverings must be worn, physical distancing is to be observed, and the occupancy may not exceed double the room occupancy.
  • Extended Family Unit: Extended Family Units consist of two or more adjacent cohorts, and will most often be determined by residence hall floor, although small residence halls or portions of large floors may also comprise an Extended Family Unit. Members of the same Extended Family Unit may enter each other’s rooms in the residence hall, face coverings must be worn, and physical distancing is to be observed. When hosting guest(s) from one’s Extended Family Unit, the number of students in any one room cannot exceed double the room occupancy. Extended Family Unit sizes are subject to change if required by new public health guidance.

Residence Hall Access [Rev., Jan 28]

For at least the first two weeks on campus, guests – including enrolled students – are not permitted in student rooms or hallways unless they are part of the student’s Cohort or Extended Family Unit. This restriction includes residents within a student’s residence hall who are outside their designated Cohort or Extended Family Unit and residents of other buildings.

Guests from off campus, including family, alumni, and current students on leave or not studying on campus, are not permitted in any residence hall at any time. This restriction will be in force for the entire semester. 


Protective barriers have been installed between sinks, where feasible. The highest level of hygiene and cleaning practices should be maintained in order to protect all residents:

  • Wear a face covering except when using the sink or shower
  • Use the same bathroom fixtures (e.g., stall, sink, shower, etc.) as consistently as possible
  • Store personal toiletries in bedrooms, not in the bathrooms

Lounges, Kitchens, and Laundry

Lounges, kitchens, washers, and dryers are accessible by reservation. Each residence hall lounge will have a maximum occupancy in order to create physical distancing. Physical distancing must be observed and face coverings must be worn at all times. Students will be required to use precautionary sanitizing practices such as wiping shared surfaces after each use.

It is essential to recognize that studying on campus during this pandemic creates an unavoidable risk of exposure to COVID-19. To mitigate risk of contracting the coronavirus, everyone must cooperate and follow public health guidance and related College rules and communications. Honoring them is a condition of Hamilton’s COVID-19 Community Standards; failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
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