International Student Services

Summer Storage

We are offering limited storage in Milbank Hall basement. The storage room will be open during finals week.  Please watch your email and/or the International Student Blackboard space for specific dates and times. In order to accommodate as many students as possible and keep your belongings as safe and organized as possible, we ask you to observe the following rules:

  1. Storage is on a first come, first served basis. Space is not guaranteed.
  2. Priority will be given to SUMMER ONLY storage.  If you will be away next academic year, please make other arrangements! 
  3. You must bring your items to Milbank. We cannot transport them.
  4. Access to the storage space will be available on a limited basis (several hours per day) during finals week.  Look for announcements of the schedule.
  5. All items must be boxed and sealed or in suitcases and clearly labeled with your name and class year.
  6. Some boxes must go on shelves, so please do not make them heavier than you can lift!
  7. Please stack/group your items to maximize space for others facilitate removal in fall.
  8. Please pack items to conserve space. If your box is half-full, consider sharing with someone else. This will make it possible for more students to use the space.
  9. We will be asking you to sign your belongings in to help insure that everything can be accounted for in the fall.
  10. We will also ask you to sign a waiver. We cannot guarantee the security of this space and we cannot be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. This is a basement, so it may be damp and dusty and there may be insects in it!
  11. You may pick up your items beginning on the authorized return date for upperclassmen.  We will email with specific times. If you are returning much earlier than that, let us know and we will try to make special arrangements.

IF THERE IS NOT ENOUGH ROOM, those who arrive late will need to make their own arrangements for storage.  Your IFP family may be able to help with storage.  Alternatively, you may need to find a local commercial storage company.