International Student Services

Arrival at Hamilton College

IMPORTANT:  If you plan to arrive by plane at the Syracuse/Hancock international airport, there will be one shuttle pickup daily, in the morning (exact time to be determined).  If your flight is scheduled to arrive in the afternoon, evening or at night, you will spend the night in an airport hotel and travel to campus the following morning.  The College will reserve your airport hotel room.

Arrival For Adirondack Adventure and Outreach Adventure

You may choose to participate in one of two pre-orientation programs, Adirondack Adventure or Outreach Adventure. These programs begin Friday, August 16, 2013. Students coming from overseas who choose to participate in Adirondack Adventure or Outreach Adventure should arrive no earlier than Wednesday, August 13th.

When your travel plans are set, please notify the Dean of Students Office of your flight number and arrival time in Syracuse, or your anticipated train or bus arrival time in Utica by Monday, July 15th at the very latest, using the Travel Information Form. We want to have the opportunity to meet you at the airport or bus/train station and bring you to campus. 

Please note that international students are guaranteed space in these programs as well as financial aid to assist with their cost; participating in AA or OA is highly recommended!

Arrival Information for students not participating in AA/OA

New Student Orientation begins Saturday, August 23rd.  The earliest international students may arrive on campus is Thursday, August 21st. Transportation from the Syracuse Airport and the train/bus station in Utica, NY to the Hamilton College campus will be available on a limited basis.   

If you arrive on an earlier day, we cannot guarantee your residence hall room will be ready, nor can we provide transportation to the College. Therefore, you and your family (if applicable) will need to stay at a hotel near the College until your on campus room is ready. Please feel free to check the Admissions Office’s list of area accommodations.

If you plan to drive to campus with your family and/or friends, please arrive between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  The Dean of Students Office is open during these hours and someone can provide you with a welcome packet that includes your residence hall room key. If you are flying alone and we are providing pick up service, we will make arrangements to provide you with your room key. Be aware that many international flights arrive late at night. 

Reminder: students who do not plan to participate in AA or OA should arrive on campus no earlier than Thursday, August 21st.