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Common Ground is a multi-format program to help prepare students for active citizenship. Designed to explore cross-boundary political thought and complex social issues, Common Ground brings highly respected thought leaders to the Hamilton campus to participate in small classroom dialogues and large event discussions. Topics intertwined with the College’s curriculum are chosen to foster critical thinking and holistic examination of difficult and often contentious national and global policy issues.

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Seidule,. Max Boot, Isserman Common Ground 10/22

Author Max Boot Discusses Ukraine War in Common Ground Lecture

Author, foreign policy expert, and Washington Post columnist Max Boot joined Professors Ty Seidule and Maurice Isserman to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine on Oct. 25. This event was an installment of the College’s Common Ground series, which aims to explore diverse political opinions, address complex social issues, and foster active, informed citizenship within the student body and Hamilton community.

University of Rhode Island scholar Nicolai Petro, Professor of Government Alan Cafruny, and former foreign minister of Russia Andrei Kozyrev discuss the war in Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine War: “Cultivating Compassion Toward Adversaries”

Former foreign minister of Russia Andrei Kozyrev and University of Rhode Island scholar Nicolai Petro discussed the war in Ukraine with Professor of Government Alan Cafruny on Nov. 15.

Common Ground 11/15/21 income inequality

Common Ground: Income Inequality Causes, Consequences, Response

Christina Romer, a professor of economics at University of California, Berkeley, and former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers under the Obama administration, engaged in a dialogue with Greg Mankiw, a Harvard University professor of economics and former chair of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush.

The goal is for the speakers to model the kind of respectful dialogue across political boundaries that should occur not just on college campuses, but in the broader society as well. With capable speakers on both sides of a given issue, each willing to acknowledge strengths in the position of the other speaker, we aim to encourage students and other audience members to question their own assumptions and consider carefully the evidence and arguments supporting other viewpoints.

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