2007 Nevada Field School


In the midst of rattlesnakes, jack rabbits, and coyotes, 13 Hamilton students, their fearless leader and TAs, embarked on the 2007 Hamilton College Archaeological Field School (Arch 280). Located 35 miles from the closest town, Ely, Nevada, our camp lies next to a former Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) site. The field school lasts from June 3 until July 14th. During this time we will be conducting surveys of archaeological sites in the central Great Basin. Our field studies will focus on Paleoindian sites dating to the Terminal Pleistocene/Early Holocene period (11,000-8,000 years ago).

Archaeology 280 provides instruction in archaeological field techniques in the context of ongoing research into the lifeways of Paleoarchaic hunter-gatherers. We will be using various field methods, including excavation, survey, and mapping, to help us evaluate land use and mobility patterns, and other aspects of the cultural ecology of early Great Basin people. Each week we will update this page with summaries of significant events in camp and in the field.