Lizzy Finan '08 and Will Caffry '09 Studying Lizards in Oregon With Professor Zani

June 2007

Lizzy Finan '08 and Will Caffry '09 conducted field work on lizards in Oregon with Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology Pete Zani. The three are worked at a research site along Wright's Point in Burns, Ore. Will helped Prof. Zani with his research on the side-blotched lizard, Uta stansburiana, while Lizzy studied the social behavior among the lizards and their home-ranges. Lizzy reported "In the colder morning hours we caught as many lizards as possible to bring back to the lab and collect morphology data. The second (warmer) part of the day we spent mapping the topography of Lizzy's research area and conducted focal observations of the territorial lizard within their individual home-ranges."