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Christian Jankowski The Holy Artwork

September 13, 2010 - January 2, 2011

Christian Jankowski (born in Gottingen, Germany, 1968) is an artist who makes provocative artistic interventions in unusual locations including a call-in television program, where the artist asked a psychic for advice about what art to make, or roving supermarket aisles hunting with bow and arrow for food. These provocations can destabilize our understandings of the boundaries between real and fiction, the role of the artist as performer, and blur traditional divides between art and life – confusing these definitions with dry humor. The Holy Artwork was originally commissioned as part of the artist’s residency at ArtPace in San Antonio, Texas in 2001. The video features Pastor Peter Spencer of the Texas-based Harvest Fellowship Church. Jankowski participates in an actual televised service, which features a sermon about art by Spencer who describes connections between art and religion as the artist lies collapsed at his feet.

Organized by Consulting Director Ian Berry.