Emerson Gallery

History of Exhibitions


May 8 - May 24, 1992
  • Senior Art Projects 1992
    Organized by the Emerson Gallery. An exhibition of work by Hamilton College seniors graduating with a concentration in Fine Arts.

March 28 - April 30, 1992
  • A Century of Opulent Textiles: The Schumacher Collection
    Organized and curated by Richard E. Slavin, III F. Schumacher & Co. is a truly American firm that has been manufacturing and importing fine quality textiles for the past one hundred years. Being nationally known, and having its own weaving mill, has enabled Schumacher to become a pioneer in numerous experiments and innovations. This exhibition, representative of the history of decorative textiles business in this country, features examples of fabrics from 100 years of the Schumacher line as well as some antique fabrics acquired as inspiration for design, plus a variety of miscellaneous printed and illustrative related memorabilia.
January 20 - March 15, 1992
  • From Media to Metaphor: Art About Aids
    A traveling exhibition organized and circulated by Independent Curators Incorporated, New York, and a non-profit traveling exhibition service specializing in contemporary art. Guest curators for this exhibition were Robert Atkins and Thomas W. Sokolowski. This exhibition features work by a variety of media which focus on the Aids epidemic and its ramifications on the art world. Funded in part by the Kirkland Endowment and the Hamilton College Committee for Cultural Affairs.
November 21, 1991 - January 5, 1992
  • Changing Cultures: Immigrant Artists from China
    Organized by Baruch College Gallery, City University of New York. The twelve artists featured in this exhibition have emigrated from China since 1982, some as recently as 1987. Each is represented by at least two works- one produced in China and one made after arriving in the United States- illustrating each individual's choice of materials, subject matter, and style to see how the work has changed since arriving in this country. Presented as part of the President's Focus in Asia Series.
  • Mingqi: Han and Tang Spirit Sculptures
    Organized by Emerson Gallery. Mingqi, or in translation spirit objects are as yet a little understood art form from traditional China. As sculptural works of art originating during the Zhou and Han dynasty, they were designed for use in the afterlife. These sculptures were usually formed out of clay and then glazed; however, some statues are craved in wood. Mingqi serve as excellent tools for studying all phases of Chines art and culture because they still are created in various ways in China at present. Presented as part of the President's Focus on Asia Series.
October 19 - November 8, 1991
  • The Art of Japanese Country Textiles
    Sponsored by the President's Focus on Asia.
September 26 - November 8, 1991
  • Portraits in Jazz: Photographs by Milt Hinton
    Organized by Emerson Gallery. Throughout his career as a jazz- bassist, Milt Hinton shot more than 40,000 candid photographs of his colleagues on the road and in the studio. Among the selections in the exhibition will be his famous image of Cab Calloway, Dizzy Gillespie, and Billie Holiday.
September 26 - November 8, 1991
  • Leon Golub: Political Portraits
    Organized by Emerson Gallery. Leon Golub is one of the most respected American painters of our day. His subject matter is contemporary politics and the themes of his work are the corruption of power and the struggle for individual freedom and human rights.
June 27 - August 25, 1991
  • New Traditions: Thirteen Hispanic Photographers
    Organized by the New York State Museum. Robert J. Phelan, guest curator.