Emerson Gallery

History of Exhibitions


April 22 - May 18, 1996
  • Senior Art Projects '96
    Organized by the Emerson Gallery. An exhibition of work by Hamilton College seniors graduating with a concentration in Fine Arts.

March 11 - April 7, 1996
  • William G. Roehrick: A Memorial Exhibition
    Organized by the Emerson Gallery. Works by Graham Sutherland, John Piper, Albrecht Durer, and other works, from the collection of the late William G. Roehrick '34.

January 15 - April 7, 1996
  • The Hamilton College Collection: Selected Acquisitions 1993 - 1994
    Organized by the Emerson Gallery. American, European, and Asian works in a variety of media.
  • Art and Healing: Selections from the Grokoest Collection
    Organized by the Emerson Gallery. Works by Rothko, Schiele, Maurer, and other Modern masters from the collection of the later Dr. Albert Grokoest (Hamilton '40) reflect this prominent physician's ideas about holistic medicine.
January 15 - February 26, 1996
  • Josiah Wedgwood: Experimental Potter
    Organized by The Art Museum, SUNY Binghamton. Sixty examples of the wares produced from the eighteenth to twentieth century by the famous English pottery firm document innovations in manufacturing as well as social change.
November 10 - December 17, 1995
  • Towards the Bright Future of Communism: Soviet Propaganda Posters from Brezhnev to Gorbachev
    Posters from the collection of Russian professor Franklin Sciacca, researched and catalogued as a senior project by James Metz (Hamilton '94), document the decline of a Soviet art form.
  • Monuments and Memory: Reflections on the Former Soviet Union
    Organized by the Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sacred Heart University. Photographs by artists working in the twilight years of the Soviet empire focus on the relationship between official propaganda and a system in decline.
September 21 - October 29, 1995
  • Sandy Walker: Woodblock Prints
    Organized by the List Visual Arts Center, MIT. This innovative California artist expands the possibilities of a traditional print medium with his large- scale, monochromatic landscapes.
  • Helaman Ferguson: Mathematics in Stone and Bronze
    Organized by the Emerson Gallery. Elegant abstract works by this mathematician/sculptor (Hamilton '62) give physical form to mathematical concepts.
September 21 - December 17, 1995
  • The Hamilton College Collection, Selected Acquisitions 1993 - 1994
June 3 - September 10, 1995
  • Gloria Garfinkel: Haiku for the Eyes
    Organized by the Emerson Gallery. Colorful abstract images achieved through the complex manipulation of various printmaking techniques.