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Show Title Here: The Hamilton College Art Faculty

January 26 - April 15, 2006
The term teacher-artist best explains the dual careers that these

Bruce Muirhead
Women from a Northern Clime, 2005
Oil on Canvas, 30 x 40 in.

individuals have chosen to pursue. At times, academic demands require them to primarily play the role of teacher: instructing, guiding, counseling and inspiring art majors and non-majors alike to explore and experiment in their medium of choice. The relationship that results often moves outside the studio, classroom and darkroom, and some teachers become lifelong friends and mentors.
This exhibition clearly emphasizes the "artist" part of the term. These seven artists work in a diverse range of media, from traditional oil on canvas to film and video and even to performance art. Some work is representational, while other work is geometric and abstract. Some artists are very prolific, and show and sell their art regularly. Others work more deliberately, making art and enjoying the process more for personal satisfaction than for public recognition or commercial benefit.
Show Title Here is an exhibition that showcases the talent of an engaging and eclectic group of faculty. As the playful title suggests, you may the title the show whatever you want and appreciate it as a celebration of seven gifted professionals that at their core want to share the pleasure of making art.