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Reunions Weekend Exhibitions 2007

May 31 - June 3, 2007

Inspirations: The Kirkland Alumnae Art

The arts – ceramics, drawing, music, painting, printing, photography, metal working, sculpture, and theater – were a strong presence at Kirkland. Some of the artists exhibiting here began their artistic careers here; others made room for other professional endeavors while continuing to practice their art; while still others discovered their passion for art after their college years. The works represent a wide range of media, techniques, and styles – from representational, narrative, and reassuringly familiar works, to experimental, enigmatic, and challenging ones.

The artists represented include Robin Lee Becker (1978), Marcie Begleiter (1976), Katechen Cardamone (1974), Kim Coons (1979), Diane Davis (1976), Jeri Eisenberg (1974), Kate Emlen (1972), Katherine Tyler Faison (Spencer) (1979), Cassandra Harris-Lockwood (1974),Laura Broaddus Hexner (1979), Mara Kearney (1979), Peggy Dills Kelter (1978), Karen Ritz (left in 1977), Kathleen Smith (1974), Julia Beinecke Stackpole (1972), Gina Werfel (1973), and Laura Wilder (1980).


Anatoly Zverev (1931-1986)

This exhibition of 43 works on paper by the neglected Russian artist Anatoly Zverev, is curated by Peter Rose, on the occasion of the 50th reunion of his class.

Zverev was an "unofficial artist" in the former Soviet Union and was one of the leaders of the Non-Conformists. He was also the protegee of the great collector and preserver of Russian Constructivism, George Costakis.

Cited by Picasso as Russia's greatest graphic artist he died in abject poverty in 1986 fully acknowledged by his peers as one of Russia's greatest artists. A few years after his death he was recognized by the Gorbachev regime as a national treasure and was honored with a one man exhibition at the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia's most famous museum of modern art.