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Student Spotlight

December 2011

Catherine Boyd '12

Role at the Emerson Gallery: Gallery Attendant
Concentrations: Creative Writing and Studio Art
Hometown: Middletown, CT


What is your favorite gallery moment?

Bicentennial Weekend: Bon Appetit really went all out with the catering.


When you are not working at the gallery what are you up to?

I moonlight at the Mail Center and troll around KJ atrium.


Tell us about your favorite exhibition at the Emerson Gallery?

I am always a fan of the student exhibitions, there’s always a classmate whose work really surprises and amazes me. But then there was that one exhibit [Music from Space: Samuel Pellman and Miranda Raimondi's Selected Nebulae] with the space music and the gigantic bean bag chairs…definitely a close second.

What about art?  Do you have a favorite medium?

In galleries and museums, sculpture tends to stand out for me and become most memorable. But for myself, I prefer to use oil on canvas or intaglio printmaking.


If you could have any artist create your portrait whom would you choose?

Chuck Close would be pretty baller.


How about music? Which musician or band would you most like to hear perform Charissima?

Frankly after this latest exhibit, which plays a recording of Charissima on repeat, I’ve had enough. But if I must choose: the B-52s.