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Student Spotlight

October 2011

Jasmina Hodžić '13

Role at the Emerson Gallery: Gallery Attendant
Concentration: World Politics
Hometown: Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

What is your favorite gallery moment?

Seeing a group of Buddhist monks construct a sand mandala over the course of three days really left an impression on me. It was fascinating to watch them work with such care and dedication, make progress over the days, and finally destroy the mandala in a special ceremony.

When you are not working at the gallery what are you up to?

Probably strolling around KJ and looking for some distraction. High chances of finding me at the butterfly table outside of Opus I.

Tell us about your favorite exhibition at the Emerson Gallery?

The Senior Art Show is by far my favorite time of the year in the gallery. I love seeing what my friends have been working on, and have them talk about their works at the opening event.

What about art?  Do you have a favorite medium?

Between painting and photography I decide for the latter. I find it expressive, accessible and charming.

If you could have any artist create your portrait whom would you choose?

Picasso. I am curious about the way he would represent me.

How about music? Which musician or band would you most like to hear perform Charissima?

A Bosnian band that comprises of twenty male members called Dvadesetorica. The foreign accent just gives it a new taste.