Hamilton Plans Newsletters

Spring-Summer 2009

What can I do?

Alumni, parents and friends have responded in many ways during these challenging times:
  • A member of the 50th reunion class, who planned to contribute appreciated securities to a charitable gift annuity, will contribute the same amount to the Annual Fund instead.
  • Several alumni are establishing endowed funds.
  • An alumnus who has been an inconsistent donor to the Annual Fund stepped up this year and made a five-figure gift.
  • A unitrust donor made an additional contribution to his trust to rebuild market value for his philanthropic interests.
  • Five donors completed charitable gift annuities, and three gifts of real estate are under consideration, demonstrating that lifetime planned gifts remain attractive.
If you have pondered, "What can I do?" Here are several strategies to consider:
  • Bequests – Demonstrate your support by including Hamilton in your estate plan.
  • Retirement Plan Beneficiary – Make Hamilton a contingent beneficiary, which saves significant tax compared to leaving retirement plan assets to a non-spousal beneficiary.› Charitable Gift Annuities – Receive secure, fixed payments for life.
  • IRA Gifts – Contribute up to $100,000 directly to Hamilton from your IRA and exclude the amount contributed from your gross income in 2009 if you are 70½ or older.
  • Endowment Gifts – Help to rebuild the endowment with a contribution of cash that allows the trustees to purchase securities at bargain prices when the financial markets begin to recover.
  • Charitable Lead Trusts – Establish a charitable lead trust. The financial markets have discounted assets, and the IRS variable used in determining the gift tax deduction is at an all-time low, making this gift particularly appealing now.
  • Volunteering – Consider offering your time and expertise. Hamilton always needs additional volunteers for Admission, the Career Center, the Annual Fund and Alumni Programs.