Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Resources

Lisa Magnarelli
Senior Associate Dean of Students/Title IX Coordinator

Actions you can take in response to harassment and sexual misconduct:

  1. Ask for information from a member of the HSMB.
    You can talk to any member of the Board about a problem. You may bring a friend or advisor with you, if you like. If a threat or a danger to you or the community is deemed apparent, the College has an obligation to investigate the report of an alleged violation of this policy. Under Title IX, an investigation would be deemed necessary when a student alleges sexual harassment or sexual misconduct.
  2. Seek mediation (only for cases not involving sexual misconduct).
    If you aren't sure you want to file a formal complaint, you can write to the Chair of the Board or the Title IX Coordinator and request a referral to a campus mediator (usually a member of the Counseling Center staff). The mediator will facilitate understanding between you and the accused. If mediation is unsuccessful, you can still file a formal complaint.
  3. File a formal complaint.
    You will submit to the Chair of the Board a signed written statement describing the offense and the name of the respondent. The complaint will be investigated. If, after the investigation is complete, both parties agree to the findings (and the findings indicate a violation of the policy), a sanction will be assigned. If the investigation finding is rejected by any party, a hearing will occur.


Filing a formal complaint:

Sexual misconduct is a violation of Hamilton College policies and the law. If the accused is a Hamilton College student, you are entitled to file a complaint with the Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board to pursue disciplinary action. To file a complaint, call Meredith Bonham, Senior Associate Dean of Students for Strategic Initiatives/Title IX Coordinator, at 315-859-4020 or Vivyan Adair, Chair of the HSMB, at 315-859-4330. Pursuing such action can be done in conjunction with criminal prosecution or instead of it.