Program in India

Madeleine La Cotera

Application and Enrollment

Application Process

Before applying to the India Program, it is important that students attend an information session about the program.  For additional information about the program or if you are unable to attend an information session, please contact Lisa Trivedi, Professor of History at Hamilton College, or  Madeleine La Cotera, coordinator for the India Program.

Application Procedure for Fall 2014 India Program

Completed applications should be submitted to your home campus.  Hamilton College students should submit their completed applications electronically to Madeleine La Cotera by December 1, 2013.   Academic evaluations written by faculty members and academic advisors should be sent by campus mail or email to Professor Lisa Trivedi in the History Department by December 1, 2013.  An interview with a faculty representative will be scheduled as part of the application process.

Program Application