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Thomas Coppola's Photos

Tom and Jerry? Abandon All Hope He looks like a sweet old man right? Beware though, he is the Lion in Winter. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABY!!! The Philosopher King surveys his lands. Look at my fingers, do they not glisten with Hope and Change? This is what a responsible citizen looks like. It was like Hell, but with more splinters. That's not just any Bob. That's SILENT BOB! I didn't realize he was there until after dinner, and thought August was just taking pictures of herself, which would have been within character. Which one is the professional model? Three guesses... Two jackanapes up to no good. P.S. I can't believe people prefer the pre-bearded me. I look like a flesh ball. Such wholesome young sophisticates. Please note that I am not actually that tall, but am standing on my toes like an idiot. Two Hamilton research grant recipients enjoying their hard earned science This is what I look like after playing Humans versus Zombies for 3-4 days.