Kirkland Alumnae

Sharon Rippey

Committee for Kirkland College

June 2009 Update

Fellow Kirkland Alumnae,

Since we last wrote to you in April, we are pleased to report that various Kirkland initiatives, whether established or still in their nascent stage, are continuing to develop and unfold on campus as well as within our Kirkland Community.

Committee for Kirkland College Activities:

Kirkland Legacy

The title of latest issue of the Alumni Review, "Buff, blue and green", resonated with many Kirkland alumnae, not only because of its eco focus, but because of the perhaps unintended double-entendre Kirkland alumnae might sense upon viewing the cover – the photo is indeed worth a thousand words.  In his introductory piece entitled, "A View from College Hill: Foundations for Hamilton's Next 200 Years", Acting President Joe Urgo writes,

"Hamilton is at once a very old place (we turn 200 in three years) and a very young place (much of who we are today is a product of the Kirkland legacy, and the merger is only 30 years old)."

Further, Hamilton acknowledges the strong and enduring impact which Kirkland had on Hamilton in the recently completed Strategic Plan.

This public acknowledgment of Kirkland's role in shaping Hamilton today is something of which we should be proud – moreover, it presents an opportunity for Kirkland.  To that end, we have created a Kirkland Endowment Subcommittee (led by Penny Watras Dana K'78 and Susan Skerritt K'77) to explore ways by which the Kirkland Legacy (whether through the Kirkland Endowment, or other means) might become more visible, vibrant and impactful on campus, in perpetuity.

Archives, Media and Publications Subcommittee (AMP)

The AMP Subcommittee (led by Judy Silverstein Gray K'78 and Jennie Morris K'72) continues to forge ahead on numerous projects, which include identifying and filling gaps in the Archives (including the oral histories); working with Professor Maurice Isserman on the Kirkland portion of a new complete history of Hamilton being written in anticipation of Hamilton's bicentennial in 2012; and updating and expanding our Kirkland webpages.

The AMP Subcommittee is also pursuing funding opportunities through grant-writing, and while we were not successful in our first grant application (through the Schlesinger Library at Harvard), that process was evidence of the wonderful working relationship the AMP members have with each other, as well as with the dedicated Archivist, Kathy Collett, and members of the Hamilton administration who supported them.

Mentoring Subcommittee

The Mentoring Subcommittee (led by Susie Hartman K'74) continues to work with students and alumnae one-on-one, as well as with the Career Center and through other organized events.  With the great success of our first Mentoring Brunch last fall, Susie plans to hold another over Fallcoming weekend (October 2-4, 2009).

Kirkland Giving

Hamilton's fiscal year ends on June 30.  While the economy continues to sputter, we hope that you will consider, if possible, a gift to Hamilton's Annual Fund or to one of the many Kirkland Giving Initiatives, prior to that date.

If you have already made a gift – we thank you!

A number of us were on campus and attended the "Kirkland Graduation" a/k/a "Champagne and Strawberries", a tradition which began with the Kirkland Champagne, and which was embellished with strawberries in the early years after the merger.  We were treated to an open mic and a musical performance, and it was an event that truly reflected the spirit and diversity that was Kirkland.

Please help us help Kirkland to live on at Hamilton.  Your gift can truly make a difference!
Your Kirkland Gift Chairs and Alumni Council representatives,

Connie Miner K'74

Tami J. Aisenson K'75 P'12

Annie Karl Halvorsen K'76 P'09

Susan Skerritt K'77 P'11

Judy Silverstein Gray K'78

Penny Watras Dana K'78